The Decided Heart Effect with Natasha Sattler (author of Shit Adults Never Taught Us) and Louise Sattler.

This past Friday, my daughter and myself were guests on the syndicated podcast The Decided Heart Effect) with hosts Hilary Bilbrey and Sonja Montiel. So, in lieu of a written blog I would like to invite you to watch our interview.

We covered a multitude of topics from parenting to mental health issues. And, we discussed Natasha’s newest book – Shit Adults Never Taught Us. Would love to know your thoughts on what we discussed?!

To order the book referenced: Shit Adults Never Taught Us CLICK here>>> ORDER

“SHIT ADULTS NEVER TAUGHT US” – What I LEARNED from my daughter’s self-help / mini-memoir.

One of the opening lines of her first journal from kindergarten read, “When I grw up I want to be a dwkter.” And, with a single affirmation began the career path for our daughter, Natasha Sattler. Yes, after honing her craft she now is an accomplished filmmaker, producer, and most recently author of a new book – SHIT ADULTS NEVER TAUGHT US.

Did the title take your breath away? It did mine, just for a second, the first time I read it. But, if you know anything about Natasha you know this – she does not hold anything back. She speaks her mind. She will talk and write with candor and a generous amount of humor. But, she will tell it like it is. Her journey is chronicled in this book – “no holds barred.” I for one am glad she didn’t try to be polite and politically correct. (I guess the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree?)

SHIT ADULTS NEVER TAUGHT US (to be shortened by me as SANTU) is best described in one short quote:


But for those who are seeking a wee bit more context about the book, try this longer explanation that Natasha wrote for her book jacket and promotional materials:

We’ve made it this far, but after countless conversations with friends, it became obvious to me that our childhood education had a ton of gaps. Sure, we learned linear equations and got to dissect frogs for some reason, but no one taught us what the difference between an HMO and a PPO was and why it’s important. I took several years of Algebra but not once was a Mutual Funds class offered. 

That’s where Shit Adults Never Taught Us comes in. This book picks up where the adults left off and helps fill in all our insufficient knowledge by going beyond the Google search bar. 

Disguised as a self-help book, this mini-memoir uses personal experiences, including some epic failures, to guide you through the most perplexing moments in life. Shit Adults Never Taught Us covers a lot of topics: including career strategies, mental health, emotional quandaries, and navigating all of the WTF moments of adulthood.

Now the “Mom” perspective. I read the first and second draft of SANTU. First time I read it as if there was a disconnect – trying to put on my “objective hat”. Looking at the grammar and flow of the book. Yep, it seemed to check all the technical boxes.

The second time, I laughed, I cried, I had a few “aha moments”, and I reminisced. Here are a few of my personal favorites from the book:

And… I will read it again – the final polished version and this time I will wait for the phone to ring. You see, SANTU is raw. It is honest. It is FULL of profanity. It is Natasha’s truth and I am beaming with pride that she had the courage to tell it. It also may not sit well with people who may recognize the “cast of characters”. Too bad, I say. No one is mentioned by name. So, let the guessing begin.

What I truly am hoping is that the readers will learn more about the practical things in their life that may be missing. Perhaps a few lessons for all on how to deal with money, career choices, and buying “stuff” – like a car. Then there is the more heavy weighted material to digest and this is where the road gets a little uncomfortable. Natasha talks candidly about relationships, mental health (including her own), and grief. She has experienced her share of all of them from the end of long – term partnership to losing close friends way before their time. The book is written about her life juxtaposed with lessons to be learned – the sh*t that this parental unit may have forgotten to teach, school didn’t cover, or simply she found out (or didn’t) from “Mr.Google”. (Perhaps the desire to educate is genetic?)



To learn more straight from the author – check out recent podcast interviews and the SANTU website here.

Or click the images below to go straight to each podcast that has aired at the time of this blog being uploaded.

In closing, I welcome respectful comments and thank you for reading this blog.

Be well. Be safe. And if you bought the book- thank you!

THE SALON – an indie digital series completed during the pandemic

Back in the 1980’s I watched a very fun film that starred some of my favorites – Christopher Guest, Michael McKean and Harry Shearer. Written and directed by Carl Reiner, this mockumentary, This is Spinal Tap, chronicled a band and the film became a “cult classic”. I never in my wildest dreams would have predicted in those years that down the road I would work with one of the stars of this film in a series about a hair salon.

But, I did. And, I am.

A year ago, Roxanne Messina Captor enlisted me to help her “frame” an idea- a sequel to her 10 year old, Oscar qualified film – A Couple of White Chicks at the Hairdresser. After a few months of her storyboarding, writing and honing her script- THE SALON a digital series – was born!

Louise with (L-R) Roxanne Messina Captor, Anthony Nex and Lori Glasgow

THE SALON is a new digital series that has a diverse and abundantly talented cast, including the very demure and zen, Harry Shearer.

One of the most fun, but challenging parts of working as a co-producer in the role of media marketing strategist, was helping to find locations and casting ten roles or more. Plus let the worldwide audience know through media updates.

Diversity and tackling contemporary issues in this series were key elements that Roxanne was laser focused on weaving in to THE SALON. As she unfolded the story, I could vision it in my head – and counted down the day to actually see it all come together for filming.

But first you need a cast and a crew!

Early in the casting was Kate Linder – who joined her Couple of White Chicks co-star Harry Shearer to reprise her role as Marsha Flagg.

Sam Rubin from KTLA agreed to join the cast, playing a cameo role. (And, bringing much humor to the set.)

Luis Jose Lopez and I met during the San Pedro Film Festival. He was part of a short film called Life Interrupted (Written and Directed by Steve Wishnoff, cast photo below). For The Salon Luis was cast as one of the leads, Ricardo, the new salon owner and boyfriend to Eddie (played by the very popular Deaf actor, Eddie Buck).

Candy Washington and I had met through the Celebrity Connected Gifting Suites. After several years of hanging out together at these events, we became friends. I recommended she meet Roxanne. Candy as “Nicole” proved to be a solid actress. (Pictured below)

The women in this cast all are very dynamic with great delivery of the script by the “GOSSIP LADIES”- played by Jeanette O’Connor, Jennifer Lee Weaver and Gail Bearden. They are very, very funny and are included in some of my favorite scenes.

On the left- Jeanette O’Connor with Candy Washington.

Chala Savino and Vanessa Garcia (below) are two very gifted actors who gave performances that brought me to tears. (Oops – should have said spoiler alert first.) One of the strongest themes involves their relationship and unlikely friendship.

Of all the roles, the hardest for Roxanne to fill was for the salon’s resident make-up artist, Abimbola. Akende Munalula was the perfect person casted for this part. Teamed with Derek Warburton in many scenes – the two of them ping-pong between the comedic and the dramatic throughout the series.

Lastly, the ingenue was played by Mason Grammer in her debut film role. She was perfect as Judy – the receptionist and Mason has a bright future in acting. Derek, Mason and Akende are pictured above from a photo taken on the set.

After a few months of assembling a cast, finding a perfect location (thank you to Anthony Nex Studios), and asking more than one favor from friends to help as crew – THE SALON was filmed and on time. The bonus came when the series’ music was set to the amazing tunes of Judith Owen. She is incredible!

What a year it has been!

Now it is a year later from when Roxanne “birthed” THE SALON proposal. Much has transpired – including a world that is topsy-turvey. Despite a Covid 19 pandemic, social unrest and much heartbreak – THE SALON’s team managed to finish with post – production and preview to audiences. Collectively all of us associated with this grassroots series have hoped to bring a bit of levity to a world that so needs to find a reason to laugh.

And guess what? – The series is on the track to the world of the Emmy® with step one done – being submitted for consideration! Working as the media producer for the film, I find myself on a very steep, albeit exciting, learning curve.

So, I invite you to enjoy getting to know THE SALON by watching the trailer below or if you are a television academy member viewing it on their For Your Consideration (FYC) OUTSTANDING SHORT FORM SERIES COMEDY OR DRAMA – CATEGORY 93

( )

If you are a member in niche categories – please also consider the following:

Roxanne Messina Captor for Director

Harry Shearer and Luis Jose Lopez for Outstanding Actor in a Short Form Series- Comedy or Drama (Category 81)

Jeanette O’Connor for Outstanding Actress in a Short Form Series- Comedy or Drama (Category 82)

Judith Owen for music. (Category 63)

THE SALON is from Executive Producers – Kelsey Grammer and Tom Russo. Learn more on IMDB.


Which Candidate will I “SWIPE RIGHT” if they match my political wishlist?

Unless you are in hiding with no digital or printed news – then you know this is an election year in the United States. I have been waiting for this “season” since the last election.

I don’t want to start a political firestorm or radical debate. But, I will say this election is odd as NONE of the candidates seem to represent ME.

What to do? Super Tuesday is right around the corner! How will I decide? Can I decide?

I thought of writing a pros and cons list of each candidate. That simply will take much more time than I wish to dedicate to this quest. So, I will write a list of qualities I am looking for in the leader of the United States. I understand that I won’t find my perfect leader who will tick off all the boxes. But… I hope that I will find someone who will be the Presidential candidate who best aligns with my ” Preferred Quality List”. In other words I am seeking my political “swipe right” match.

What I want in the President of the United States is someone who ….

Exhibits rational behavior with a history of no pathology of doing harm emotionally or physically to others or him/herself

Has read and studied the US Constitution, Bill of Rights and all other important documents related to our country.

Has read and studied US HISTORY, WORLD HISTORY, and ECONOMICS.

Has read and studied about military history and the complexity of international relations during times of peace and war.

Has great family relationships

Kind to animals, children and the elderly,

More likely to give a compliment than wait for one.

Believes in the value of a great education for all people. Whether at a university or preschool.

Believes in the value of teachers, and all who mentor, guide or help others.

Believes that everyone has the right to excellent health care.

Will accept responsiblity to care for our environment

***Will represent the United States of America with integrity, dignity and humility on the world stage***.

Speaks more than one language (preference, but not a deal breaker)

Understands that there are cultural differences in this world.

Accepts people that are different.

Believes that the drug crisis is due to mental health issues and much more – That it is complicated. The same for homelessness.

Values our active military and veterans. Believes that those who have served deserve the very best in job placement, educational opportunities, health care and much more.

Uses the word WE much more than I

Is honest.

Has integrity.

Proactive vs. Reactive

Is physically healthy.’

Likes children

Accepts responsibly

Accepts collaboration.


Knows right from wrong.

Broad thinker and accepts opinions that are divergent.

Believes laughter is a good medicine.

Has a thick skin but is exceptionally kind to others.

Would risk his/her own life to save another.

Has a dog, cat, goldfish, or other pet.

Realizes that social media is for social conversation not political policy

Able to speak in a regular tone and not yell, screech or badger

and most of all HAS A MORAL COMPASS

What I don’t care about in our next president…

Gender – If the potential leader is a man/ woman or does not identify .

Religion of the potential leader

Race. I don’t care what color is their skin, eyes, or hair. I truly don’t.

What state they come from (other than their state of mind)

What political party they represent (or don’t)

If they are straight or a member of the LGBTQ… community

If they are pro or anti gun.

If they went to a top university

If they are married

If they have children

If they drive a fancy car

Their worth in dollars instead of “sense”.

As I am typing this article I have received more than one text or email from political candidates asking if I am voting for “their person”. My answer is the same- I am undecided and also I am profoundly disappointed by the behavior of all candidates. I hope that I will find a person who matches my wishlist of qualities. I hope that we will find a common sense leader who I can respect.

I have a lot of homework to do before Super Tuesday – March 3rd.


I believe that people love social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and TikTok. because they are a DISTRACTION. I don’t mean a physical distraction – such as when person interrupts you from doing your job. It is the distraction of social media has become the “excuse” to be passive about current events and even open the door for people to not care about “front page news”. We have become a world that just doesn’t know the difference between “REAL BREAKING NEWS” and “REALITY TV NEWS”. In my “humble opinion” this phenomenon happens because we are victims to the social media magnet that causes our brain to be DISTRACTED!

I invite you to dive in to this topic a bit deeper with me. Here are some examples from “news” items for the week of January 20, 2020.

News Item 1. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex (aka Harry and Megan) are now “out of the senior royal family” and have moved to Canada. Good for them. I wish them, and Canada – much success.

News Item 2. A new trending hashtag (#DollyPartonChallenge) is causing a frenzy. Yes, my friends are uploading FOUR QUAD photos of ourselves with the captions FACEBOOK/ INSTAGRAM/ LINKEDIN and TINDER. I was distracted. I made one. See below. (*Blushing*)

News Item 3. Betty White had a birthday and we all have to post our well-wishes to our favorite Golden Girl! (Newsflash- she won’t read them.)

News Item 4. Eli Manning is retiring from football. (Newsflash #2 – some of us thought he already did.)

By the way, there also were two OTHER ” little” stories that seemed to get a few mentions…

1) The Corona Virus from China is rapidly spreading and causing much concern among the travel and medical communities. There is NO CURE, NO VACCINE and this is SERIOUS. To read about this ACTUAL NEWS STORY go here

Compound this breaking news with another “minor” story….

2) The Senate is holding impeachment hearings and there is chaos happening in Washington DC. When Nixon, even Clinton had offenses that warranted Senate hearings – there was nothing but these proceedings on TV and the radio 24/7. This was NEWS. The person who held the highest office in the United States was being put on trial. This was a BIG DEAL. I think it is worthy of a mention and way for you to learn more. PBS has great non-biased coverage.

What if you don’t want ANY NEWS on your timeline. You just want “rainbows and unicorns”? (Or selfies, puppy photos and baby videos) Well.. you can be distracted by these “happy posts” –

Below you will find a popular post that has made the rounds for a few months (or more). Notice the key to this post is to end negativity. (Yes, I posted photos of Bayla… I buckled under peer pressure. But, I also balanced that photo with a tweet about current events and the earthquake LA area had last night.)

I’m asking people to join the challenge of posting a picture of their dog. Only one photo, no description. The goal is to flood FB with positive dog pictures instead of negativity. Please copy the text into your status, post one photo of your dog and watch for some great photos! (Dog friends, jump right in.) ❤️

Facebook January 2020

As promised, my shameless QUAD IMAGE for the silly and useless #DollyPartonChallenge

I close with these cautionary words… Don’t live in a social media cocoon. Learn about the world around you. Locally. Nationally. Globally. And learn the difference between “news” that is meant as a distraction and focusing on real “breaking news”.

Thank you for reading.

Why I am Not a Fan of “Labor Day” Weekend

I am not a fan of “Labor Day” weekend. First, similar to other holidays we celebrate in the United States – let’s face it – the use of “day” in the name is a misnomer. For some, “Labor Day” is an entire week of last minute vacation time or at the very least a four-day attempt to get the final moments of surf and sand!

Labor Day – 1960’s-1970’s

When I was young this weekend meant that summer was done and school was to begin. Yes, I liked the idea of going to the FIRST day of school. But, after that – I was not necessarily “in the mood”. I would have much rather been running around with friends until the “lights came on” and wait evenings for the ice-cream truck to stop at the nearby corner. Now, I was being relegated to sit in a row in a school – sans air conditioning – on what was predictably some of the hottest days of the year. Toss in the fact that I had a hefty dose of ADHD and sitting in a chair for HOURS after a couple of months of freedom, was for me – torture!

Labor Day 1977

Labor Day 1977 meant I was going to load a car up and drive the 7 hours from my house to the University of Delaware. While I was “all in” to enjoy living away from home and starting life as a collegiate – I was scared and second -guessing the distance. (Those feelings didn’t last more than a few days, by the way!)

Labor Day 1987 – 2007

When I had children my favorite part of their year (and mine) was indeed – Summer. We initiated the Adventurer’s Club – where each week one child would have the exciting “duty” to choose where we would explore in our local area. From museums to hiking state parks, we relished in the knowledge that we can come and go as we please. The lack of schedule and desire to explore on these mini-staycations were some of the most memorable moments of my parenting school-aged kids. Honestly, there were many times I “got” homeschooling.

Labor Day – My Mature Years

Now as a person with no children at home and my own business – Summer seems to roll in to Fall with nearly a blink. Except for a few notable changes. First, Labor Day weekend means that Hallmark stores (and others) seem to wave a magic wand and all their Christmas ‘stuff’ appears on shelves. Yes, we seem to bypass all other holidays and go straight to Christmas.

Positive Note: Fall also does bring one positive element- cheaper travel rates. Hubby and I often like to take advantage of this time of the year.

Back to my list… Labor Day also means that floral scents are replaced with pumpkin, cinnamon and nutmeg spices. Good-bye fruit pies and say hello to pumpkin pie! Not to worry – I love fruit and pumpkin pies!

Lastly and my main “complaint” – This time of year means people become more serious. We wear our “school or work clothes” and put away the fun flip-flop sandals.. We accept, begrudgingly, a life with more regimental scheduling of our day and less time to sit and chat without rushing. And clearly many of us forget the care-free and relaxed feelings of summertime. UGH!

Now you know, my friends, why I am not a fan of Labor Day weekend.

In case you are curious – here is the history of Labor Day.

National Comedy Center – Destination Laughter!

Laughter IS the common language of our world. And, you will find much of it at the National Comedy Center!

From Vaudeville to the Family Guy and every genre of comedy in between – you will find them here in Jamestown, New York!

When you think of destination spots for vacations one usually doesn’t pick Jamestown – until now. The National Comedy Center and the Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz Museums are about to invigorate this sleepy hamlet located in Western New York the way that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame revived Cleveland, Ohio.

Read more about other Western New York location gems here.

In order to truly appreciate this “cultural center” you really need to experience it first person. But, I will try my best to give you a close-up account my words and the images snapped from my trusty iPhone 8 plus.

More than 50 immersive exhibits take visitors on an interactive journey through comedy history, from early vaudeville acts to the latest viral memes.

National Comedy Center Website:

There is so much to see and “feel” at this center. I can’t stress enough how you need to experience it for yourself. AND EVERY ADULT can access this place. The accessibility factor is super!

To entice you to indeed visit I have devised a TOP 10 list of my favorite “things” about the National Comedy Center. I encourage you to add to my list in the comment section.

Tip 1. Come early and plan on staying several hours!

The center opens at ten. Arrive early to beat the crowds and be able to take in the exhibits without feeling rushed. If you have have all day opt for the pass that allows you entry to the Lucille Ball – Desi Arnaz museum AND the National Comedy Center. Both are amazing and you will be glad you did!

Note: Wear comfortable shoes and bring Kleenex. You will need it to wipe the tears from belly laughs throughout your stay.

TIP 2: Go all out – immerse yourself!

The first step of this experience is to get a wrist band that allows for digital engagement throughout the center. You can use the code to ‘vote” for favorite actors, comedy shows and more! Also, to receive content to your inbox that you generate – you will need to have this “techie wristband”.

Note: The first time I visited I was shy about sharing my personal info so I made a bogus email and name. Bad move. This didn’t allow me to get any of my saved content that I generated along my visit. The second time I was forthcoming and sure enough – when I got back to my hotel there were my interactive videos, etc. waiting for me in my inbox!

And… Don’t forget to wave to yourself when you walk through the entry way!

Above the entry way door you will spot your welcome message!

Tip 3 – Meander among the history of comedy, famous quotes and more

One of the very first exhibits you will encounter is a homage to comedy writers. Plus, a whole section dedicated to the humor of George Carlin. I spent quite a bit of time in this first section not realizing how expansive the remainder of the place was. But, I loved George Carlin and I was thrilled to see such a large exhibit about his genius and tumultuous history of censorship.

Now move on to the the first truly interactive room allows you to see behind the camera- literally. You also can pull up a chair and pick one of your favorite comics to perform. Dana Carvey got us off to a great start!

There are quotes and jokes along the way for all to enjoy. On windows of a walkway between sections of the building you will find great quotes that give you just enough chuckle. They also lead you in to an exhibit of a timeline of comedy in the United States. And, when you are done here – stop as you shouldn’t bypass the writer’s library. This area has some hidden gems – so go enjoy them!

Tip 4: Sit and stay.

There are several places that offer you a place to sit and watch a show, movie, news reel or interactive exhibit. Sit and stay for a while in these areas. Lingering is encouraged as there is sooooo much to see and reminisce. One of the areas I spent the most time was a huge wall with an interactive board of comedy influence – called The Continuum. It was fascinating to literally connect the dots between one comedian to another.

(Shameless side note: I will be working with Harry Shearer this October… guess what I am going to show him?! See below.)

Tip 5. Get a drink and a snack.

This place may seem a bit overwhelming with hysteria. So you may need to refuel. Lucky for you there is a snack bar easily accessible to the exhibits. Prices are fairly standard and won’t break the budget.

Tip 6 – Play with toys.

There is a section that shows you how props were used in comedic scenes, such as Saturday Night Live. . I missed this section during my first visit but went purposely to see it during my second. It was so much fun! Again, playing with toy props is encouraged! Also, a good place for older kids to explore.


Tip 7 – Become part of the act!

There are several opportunities to become part of the show. You can do you own improv stand-up comedy routines. You also can sit in a booth an insert yourself in to several well known scenes from past comedies such as I Love Lucy. Hubby and I took a few photos as Ethel and Fred Mertz.

Tip 8: Go Blue… Go if you dare…

The Blue Room is “rude, crude and at times socially unacceptable”. It also highlights some of the most “on the edge ” comediennes during the past century. I loved this room. It wasn’t salacious but more educational, if comedy that makes you blush can be that. So, if you want to see Richard Pryor, James Carlin, Amy Schumer, Don Rickles, Lenny Bruce and many more at their comedic best – take the elevator to the BLUE ROOM floor. No kids allowed. Read the caution below before entering. And, be prepared. The F-word is used liberally like salt is sprinkled on fries.

Tip 9: Keep going – there is so much more to do!

Just when you thought you were done with the exhibits here you will happen upon one of the most fun gift shops … anywhere. This place alone is a homage to comedy! Stay. Laugh. Purchase.

When you are done keep going and make your way to the Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz Museum a short walk away. If you find yourself hungry – stop for lunch at one of the several little cafes you will find along the streets.

Jamestown also is a stone’s throw to the famous Chautauqua Lake and institute.

Like some night life? Head east to the Seneca Nation Casino and Resort. They have a number of bands that play there, including Peter Frampton who packed the house!

Much to do here in Western New York!

Related: Places to eat and stay in Jamestown

Last Tip – #10 – Avail yourself of the events at the National Comedy Center and make plans to come back!

There is so much that happens at the National Comedy Center- especially in the summer months when the tourist season is at full peak. I am so bummed I won’t be there this week as August 7-11th is the Lucille Ball Comedy Festival with top comedians headlining.

Get your tickets here

And, just look at who contributed to this center and advises the programming, etc.!

Something to consider…

Our world is a bit topsy-turvy these days. In fact, there is so much dissension and violence that laughter gets lost in our collective worry and grief. We NEED a place like the National Comedy Center to help remind us about good times and good people. After all, laughter IS the best medicine.

Lastly, a special shout-out to the wonderful staff at the National Comedy Center. Gary Hahn and Adrienne (sorry forgot your last name) – both were super attentive and answered all my questions to help me prepare for this article. I hope our paths cross again – very soon! And, special thanks to all the staff – they were nice to every person who walked through their doors!

Top Ten List for “Adulting”

A few nights ago Hubby and I were watching NBC NEWS when they played a segment about young adults taking “Adulting” classes. What is “Adulting”?

Here is the formal definition:

Adulting is the practice of behaving in a way characteristic of a responsible adult, especially the accomplishment of mundane but necessary tasks.


Here is my definition. “Adulting” is when you are grown-up enough to get your teeth cleaned, your laundry done, eat healthy and remember to have your car oil changed without a reminder or money from a parental unit.

This NBC NEWS segment focused on how young adults now are taking CLASSES to learn how to sew, iron, do laundry, make a meal and other tasks that are considered mundane but essential to every day living. (I love adult education, but never thought of “adulting” education!)

Watch the NBC NEWS segment here.

Experts during the interview were discussing how such classes are needed due to school curriculums cutting what use to be “standard courses”. No longer do you see in most schools options to take high school “Home economics”, “Personal Accounting” or “Wood Shop”. They have been replaced by advanced courses in science, math and more. To learn basic skills, the commentator stated that many are signing up for ADULTING CLASSES!

I find it funny that there are so many adults who can solve tough calculus problems or write computer code but do not know how to sort and wash laundry nor sew a button on to a jacket. Their “home- cooked meal” is when Door Dash delivers them something from a local restaurant that is not a sandwich or pizza.

So, if I had to pick a “Top 10” list of what are the ESSENTIALS to know when you are “Adulting” – this would be my list:

  1. Learn what to do in an emergency – including CPR.
  2. Learn how to cook and clean up the mess afterwards. A basic cookbook can be your best friend and a money saver!
  3. Learn how to SAVE money. A rainy day fund is not $50. A rainy day fund should be several months of income in a bank to pay bills in case you are out of work.
  4. Do the REAL VERSIONS! Learn how to write a REAL letter vs. EMAIL and know the difference. And – READ A REAL BOOK vs. an electronic version!
  5. How to change a tire, check your oil and pump your own gas. (I “see” you New Jersey folks!)
  6. How and Why to CARRY CASH! Do not travel without some cash. What if there is an electrical outage and credit cards, Venmo or other electronic currencies cannot be exchanged. Oh my! Take out this “thing” called a wallet and use the green paper bills and silver coins to pay!
  7. Know when to fold’em. If you like to gamble know your limits. As enticing as Black Jack is – it is not worth losing your car, your home, your family over. This adulting “warning” goes for anything that can be done in excess.
  8. Learn how to do laundry.
  9. Learn how to take care of a small child without being distracted.
  10. Learn how to be polite, even when you don’t like the person you are with.

Now that I read over my list I realize I have some more “adulting” to do!!

Feel free to add to this list in the comment section.

A Visit to One of the Last Remaining Blockbuster Stores

Update: Sadly after I ran this article the last remaining Blockbusters in Alaska announced they were closing.

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 3.45.54 PM.png

Original Article

This month my family ventured to the Pacific Northwest. We watched whales frolic and feed, walked glaciers and even explored villages and remote areas both by land and sea.  But, it was a little store in Anchorage that was deemed the “highlight” of our 12 – day excursion.  Yes, apparently one can relive their childhood by simply walking through the doors of one of the last remaining Blockbuster video stores in the heart of Anchorage, Alaska.

This Blockbuster store is under the management of Kevin Daymude.  “Blockbuster” as a corporation is long gone, due to the change of the video landscape.  Replaced by streaming services, such as Netflix, the demand for video and gaming rentals has dwindled to nearly “zip”.  However, in this part of the world, Blockbuster still holds relevance.  New and “antique” videos and games adorn the shelves and there is the requisite aisle of theater sized boxed candies. You can purchase older videos for under a dollar and don’t forget the popcorn and cotton candy!  The only “addition” to the Blockbuster of 20 years ago was a prominent display of movie memorabilia in the very front of the store, including some “goods” obtained from actor, Russell Crowe.


There is a very interesting story about how Blockbuster of Anchorage and Kevin Daymude received Russell Crowe’s items from the actor’s “ART OF DIVORCE SALE”.  It would appear that the items were received via an intermediary who acted as a conduit for this Blockbuster store to receive these “treasures of cinematic history”.  Among the memorabilia were two director chairs from the movie American Gangster that were used and embroidered with the actors’ names – Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe. Plus, there was from Russell Crowe’s collection a  “jockstrap” that was placed in the display (and reportedly cost 7K!)

Who was the buyer of all these “artifacts” and what was the backstory? Well,  the person who purchased many of Crowe’s items would be none other than HBO talk show host, John Oliver. The reason why… well that is a whole other story. Let’s start with Oliver’s announcement via  Twitter from April 2018.


 And the reason why John Oliver bought these items?  I’ll let Time Magazine explain the “details” in THIS article.  


Why is this store still open while the vast majority have closed?  I had an opportunity to chat with Kevin  about the remaining Blockbuster stores in Alaska (and one in Oregon) and get more insight.   (There are two videos for easier uploading.)







Lastly, if you do visit the DeBarr Rd. location of Blockbuster know that there are shirts and pullovers available for purchase.  My entire family bought one – how could we not!?! Plus, we walked out with a handful of those repurposed DVDs for 99 cents each!


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