Which Candidate will I “SWIPE RIGHT” if they match my political wishlist?

Unless you are in hiding with no digital or printed news – then you know this is an election year in the United States. I have been waiting for this “season” since the last election.

I don’t want to start a political firestorm or radical debate. But, I will say this election is odd as NONE of the candidates seem to represent ME.

What to do? Super Tuesday is right around the corner! How will I decide? Can I decide?

I thought of writing a pros and cons list of each candidate. That simply will take much more time than I wish to dedicate to this quest. So, I will write a list of qualities I am looking for in the leader of the United States. I understand that I won’t find my perfect leader who will tick off all the boxes. But… I hope that I will find someone who will be the Presidential candidate who best aligns with my ” Preferred Quality List”. In other words I am seeking my political “swipe right” match.

What I want in the President of the United States is someone who ….

Exhibits rational behavior with a history of no pathology of doing harm emotionally or physically to others or him/herself

Has read and studied the US Constitution, Bill of Rights and all other important documents related to our country.

Has read and studied US HISTORY, WORLD HISTORY, and ECONOMICS.

Has read and studied about military history and the complexity of international relations during times of peace and war.

Has great family relationships

Kind to animals, children and the elderly,

More likely to give a compliment than wait for one.

Believes in the value of a great education for all people. Whether at a university or preschool.

Believes in the value of teachers, and all who mentor, guide or help others.

Believes that everyone has the right to excellent health care.

Will accept responsiblity to care for our environment

***Will represent the United States of America with integrity, dignity and humility on the world stage***.

Speaks more than one language (preference, but not a deal breaker)

Understands that there are cultural differences in this world.

Accepts people that are different.

Believes that the drug crisis is due to mental health issues and much more – That it is complicated. The same for homelessness.

Values our active military and veterans. Believes that those who have served deserve the very best in job placement, educational opportunities, health care and much more.

Uses the word WE much more than I

Is honest.

Has integrity.

Proactive vs. Reactive

Is physically healthy.’

Likes children

Accepts responsibly

Accepts collaboration.


Knows right from wrong.

Broad thinker and accepts opinions that are divergent.

Believes laughter is a good medicine.

Has a thick skin but is exceptionally kind to others.

Would risk his/her own life to save another.

Has a dog, cat, goldfish, or other pet.

Realizes that social media is for social conversation not political policy

Able to speak in a regular tone and not yell, screech or badger

and most of all HAS A MORAL COMPASS

What I don’t care about in our next president…

Gender – If the potential leader is a man/ woman or does not identify .

Religion of the potential leader

Race. I don’t care what color is their skin, eyes, or hair. I truly don’t.

What state they come from (other than their state of mind)

What political party they represent (or don’t)

If they are straight or a member of the LGBTQ… community

If they are pro or anti gun.

If they went to a top university

If they are married

If they have children

If they drive a fancy car

Their worth in dollars instead of “sense”.

As I am typing this article I have received more than one text or email from political candidates asking if I am voting for “their person”. My answer is the same- I am undecided and also I am profoundly disappointed by the behavior of all candidates. I hope that I will find a person who matches my wishlist of qualities. I hope that we will find a common sense leader who I can respect.

I have a lot of homework to do before Super Tuesday – March 3rd.

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