Adaptive Sign Language Information

About Adaptive Sign Language

Sign language is used by many people for a variety of reasons, including to help promote, support or be a communication system for a hearing person. However, there are times when a person cannot form the signs accurately with their hands and need to make them ADAPTIVELY.

Here are some TIPS for signing ADAPTIVELY.

Tip 1: The sign language model should sign correctly.

Tip 2: Add more opportunities to learn the sign, in natural and fun ways, such as meal times, game time , story time, etc.

Tip 3: Show the signs if made incorrectly or try to help with hand over hand correction. But, do not force a person to sign correctly. Learning sign language is developmental and sometimes we need to ACCEPT how a sign is made as true to that individual person.


Connor signing HELP adaptively.
Connor is signing HELP (adaptively)