My website may seem quite random, when in fact, there is a common thread… all the topics and resources on this website are connected as they share my love and passion for education (especially sign language), media and travel. In essence, they are my LIFE LESSONS. 

Why is education so important to me? Well, I began my career  as a psychologist in schools.  You learn a lot about LISTENING when you work in this field with thousands of children and families.

Now I apply my art of listening and conversation to my world in media marketing. 

I also am both an educator and a student. Why do I mention this? Because I want you to know the I will do my best to keep current with what is trending in media and enhance my knowledge and skills to keep up to date with technology! 

Of course, I will do all of this with a hefty dose of humor. After all, this is the place where Learning Meets Laughter!

Thanks for visiting… now go explore! 

~ Louise

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