My website may seem quite random, when in fact, there is a common thread… all the topics and resources on this website are connected as they share my love and passion for education (especially sign language), media and travel. In essence, they are my LIFE LESSONS. And, as I roll through the decades of my life, I have become known as a savvy networker, media strategist and teacher. Plus, people like to say that I have quite the sense of humor! I’ll let you judge that for yourselves.

So, while you wonder through the site please enjoy the fun photos, information and blog articles. Explore. Discuss. Enjoy!




Louise Masin Sattler is an Educator and School Psychologist who found her way in 2006  “accidentally” falling in to the world of digital media after creating an award winning series of products and programs for her company, Signing Families.

Fast forward, Louise is  now a sought after digital media strategist, correspondent and brand ambassador. She also is known for creative  content development and contributing to media outlets such as CNN, USA Today and Education.com.

Most of all, Louise is known for her passion for helping others.  She has dedicated much of her career working alongside other educators and First Responders to help communities offer equal access and learn how to c create programs for safety of our citizens with functional challenges, such as Autism.  

Quick Links

SIGNING FAMILIES RESOURCES – Information for the beginning sign language learner, including First Responders.

MEDIA MARKETING RESOURCES – When your biz is seeking a wider audience or you need to broadcast about your business.

TRAVEL – Information for those who choose to travel uniquely and differently

BLOG – hundreds of articles that cover a potpourri of topics

PHOTOGRAPHY / GALLERY – Because making memories with photography is one of my passions

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