About Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD)

Multiethnic Arms Raised Holding ADHD

What is Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD or ADHD if with “hyperactivity”)?  

Attention Deficit Disorder – ADHD – is a physical disorder with psycho-educational implications.  While ADD/ADHD may be a disorder that comes with controversy – this much is known – children don’t acquire ADD overnight.  In fact, ADD is as much as part of a person as eye color.

What are the distinctive factors of ADD?

Challenges with sustaining attention to a task

Doesn’t seem to be listening or “paying attention”

Challenges with organization (including in a classroom or office environment)

Forgetful – even with routine tasks

Distractible and seems “off task”

Instructions seem confusing or “too much”

In addition, these behaviors may be noticed:

Seems to be always on the GO!

Problems with impulse control (including blurting out, touching an object despite warnings it could be dangerous, or running around – even if it could lead to potentially being hurt)


Safety tips

  1. Give simple and short directions
  2. Consider giving directions as a list: First, Second, Third
  3. Have items available to keep a child busy and not interfere with First Responders – such as a deck of cards, electronic tablet, items for drawing

Read more about ADD / ADHD via http://www.CHADD.org