Meet Louise!

My story is rather simple. Born in New York, educated at U of Delaware and Penn State. In 1987 I married my best friend, who I always refer to in print as “Hubby”.  And together we had two amazing kids – one that is known in the public arena (Natasha) and the other who likes to be more discreet with his world, like his father. We will call my now adult child #2 – Bubba. (Although, note he is the subject of one of my most read blogs that you  can find here.I also have worked in a lot of places because of various family relocations.  I had been a School Psychologist for many years, primarily in early childhood education and with the Deaf and Autistic populations. Then one day a parent asked me a very poignant questions…

How can I learn sign language in a class, when you just told me that my autistic son needs one to one assistance in school. I will never be able to find for him a babysitter so I can leave and learn to sign to communicate with him.”  (Keep in mind this was pre-Youtube days).

Then I had an idea! 💡 I would develop a short sign language video to give to parent’s of children who attended my school.  Let’s just say that this “little idea” was the catalyst for a successful company known as Signing Families ™.

At the time, Twitter and Facebook proved to be invaluable for my marketing strategies and also introduced me to many people who would later join me in the venture- 411 VOICES.  Sadly, the doors to our collaborative closed in 2018, but as I am reminded when one door closes – another one opens! 

I learned to focus on my passions family (including the furry members), travel, film, and helping children with unique and special needs and their families.  So, in 2020 I returned to a  School Psychology practice.  I feel invigorated and dedicated to being a resource for many who are in need during these difficult post-pandemic times. 

I also have learned to think out of the box and into the paint can! As I have started Created by Louise – a fun DIY side hustle/hobby!  Check it out herWhile I no longer actively seek working with brands, I am grateful to those that continue to entrust me to review their products and give honest recommendations and reviews.  

I wish you all the very best with your endeavors.

As always, thank you.