The Power of ONE Vote

When my children we very young I would walk them to our local school on Election Day to see all the neighbors and myself voting. Partly because it was convenient to not get a babysitter and partly because I wanted them to experience the voting process – first-hand. As I received my “I VOTED” sticker, I was sure they both got one, too. It was my wish to instill in them the knowledge that voting is a right, a privilege and our duty as US citizens.

Fast forward a bunch of years… Today, my daughter sent me the cutest photo of her dog, Kingston, at her local polling area (below). She was one of millions who voted on Super Tuesday, March 3, 2020. But for every person who voted, like we did, we have those who chose to stay home or not even vote by mail? Why did they forgo this seemingly important task?


My one vote won’t matter”

“There is no one who I want to win”

“I don’t have time”


First, let me address the “My vote won’t matter” excuse! Did you know that there are many elections that were decided by ONE VOTE (or less)? Mental Floss listed ten recent elections that were determined by one vote (or other odd circumstances). Read about how important ONE VOTE can be here.

There is no one I want to win” is a lame excuse! There is much more than a single decision being made in the vast majority of elections nationwide. What may be decided on Election Day? How about who represents you in Washington DC. Or laws and tax referendums. School board representatives who decide the fate of you child’s education. And much, much more is at stake with each election!

“I don’t have time”. This is the most ridiculous of all excuses! With mail in voting, pre-election day voting and other options – “TIME” cannot be an excuse! What you mean to say is perhaps, I am LAZY and don’t feel like driving to vote after I get my latte. PLEAZZZZ don’t be that person!

In fact, the women of these countries would LOVE to vote – for their FIRST time! They would stand on line for hours or maybe even days if given an opportunity to SAFELY cast a ballot!

So, before you think that voting is “for others” and whether it is worth your energy- please remember that the laws and taxes that will be placed on you and impact your lifestyle tomorrow could very well be determined in the voting booths around the United States today.

Go Vote. And, if you already did – thank you.

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