This time last year…

It has been nearly a year that unplanned circumstances altered the course of my professional career. With the support of my business partners, and due to a variety of reasons, the decision was made to close 411 Voices LLC – our media marketing consortium company.

When the decision was made, it was heart – wrenching.  Make no mistake about that. So many hours involved in building our group and now it was ending “officially”.  I lost a lot of sleep.  I was drained.  Moreover, I was unprepared for the reactions to the news.

I needed to stop.

So… I took a giant step out of the social media arena for a period of time to reassess, recharge and continue to learn about the media marketing world so I could be do things differently and perhaps better, if I were to venture back “in”.

I learned a huge lesson – Sometimes, the best course of action is to reflect – listen in the quiet.  I needed to do that to come up with PLAN C. 

I was quiet. I reflected. I listened to others.  I went for long walks. I wrote blogs that I never published.  I asked for help from experts.  And, then it finally came to me – I was overthinking my situation.  I discoverd my “PLAN C” – I simply could have one company that melded all my interests together:  Education + Social Media + Philanthropy + Sign Language.

The result… Louise Sattler Consulting was born.

What is this hybrid company that I created? First, it is an extension of my Signing Families company.   I offer consulting services and products to help people interested in learning sign language the opportunity to acquire the basics.  This company is my “WHY” for so many reasons.  To think that a year ago I almost placed my “WHY” on the back burner  – permanently.  I am glad I didn’t.

What about my media professional world?  Well,  I architect social media strategies, conduct social media management,  create media content, set up websites (like this one),  plan client events and play B 2 B  and B 2 C “matchmaker”.  The goal is  for businesses, organizations and individuals  to get more eyeballs on their projects or companies.  And yes, I do enlist the expertise of others – many who are new to my “virtual rolodex”.  Most importantly, I pick clients who I want to work with based on their desire to help others and make a difference in their communities.

I am THRILLED with this new chapter.  I have clarity and focus that I haven’t experienced in quite some time.  I am working on projects that matter!

So… what are the lessons learned from my year – long journey?

First, if you are feeling that you are struggling – don’t despair. Change can be challenging, but at the same time very exciting.  I have met new people, accepted novel challenges and I am happy I did. Hopefully, so will you!

Next, allow yourself to trust those who walk with you during this journey.  They can be  fabulous resources. BUT…  You also must be open to reciprocate – as there will be a time for others to experience their own transitions and they will need your support.

In closing… 

I want to thank you for being part of my world. To the people who gave me guidance and assistance as I forged my. new path – you are all so very special to me.

To my readers – Please share with us if you are experiencing a career transition and what pearls of wisdom you may have.

Have a groovy week.


If I could do it all again… I would _____________?

692634124_img_3531-2Over the past few weeks I have had several discussions with family, friends and acquaintances about the topic of “do overs”.  Basically, If you could do it  all again would you have _____?

Some who I engaged in discussion were in the midst of “mid- life”.  Their answers often demonstrated the fatigue one gets as being part of the “sandwich generation”.  I also asked some seniors who gave a different spin to the query and were indeed very introspective.

A few people gave answers that were guarded and only about their professional lives.

For others, the responses were hugely personal and with much elaboration.

Some were surprising (“Would have thought twice about having children”), while many were expected (“Wish I had saved more money for retirement”).

For me I wished I had perhaps chosen a different career path (interpreting) vs. working in education as a psychologist. Yet, I really have no regrets and am perfectly happy with my choice. For if I not gone the road I chose then I maybe would not have been as prepared to handle being my most important life choice of all.. The  role of MOM!

So, I ask.. Do you have any “Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda” thoughts of your own?  Feel free to share…


I blinked and all the kids in my family and neighborhood grew up!  For the most part they are now either in the throes of college life or have entered and are succeeding in the workforce! How did the “kids” in my life  grow up when I stayed the same age?  Wasn’t it just “yesterday” when I was the one going on Spring break, looking for the Summer job and deciding how to decorate my dorm room?

And as long as we are talking about things that happen when you “blink” I have a few more questions. First, who took all the names I recognized of celebrities in PEOPLE magazine and switched them for those I don’t know?  And why are all the clothes that  I use to own in the 1970’s back on the racks in stores, again! And please, explain to me what is the difference between a vanilla latte and plain ‘ole coffee with milk and a shot of vanilla flavoring? And is that the kid who I helped learn to count to ten back in 1997 now working as my barista?

I’ll be ending my blog now as I search for the fountain of youth.  Or at least so I can look in the back of my closet for the original peasant dress I use to own and my PEACE shaped necklace.

Thanks for reading.