I blinked and all the kids in my family and neighborhood grew up!  For the most part they are now either in the throes of college life or have entered and are succeeding in the workforce! How did the “kids” in my life  grow up when I stayed the same age?  Wasn’t it just “yesterday” when I was the one going on Spring break, looking for the Summer job and deciding how to decorate my dorm room?

And as long as we are talking about things that happen when you “blink” I have a few more questions. First, who took all the names I recognized of celebrities in PEOPLE magazine and switched them for those I don’t know?  And why are all the clothes that  I use to own in the 1970’s back on the racks in stores, again! And please, explain to me what is the difference between a vanilla latte and plain ‘ole coffee with milk and a shot of vanilla flavoring? And is that the kid who I helped learn to count to ten back in 1997 now working as my barista?

I’ll be ending my blog now as I search for the fountain of youth.  Or at least so I can look in the back of my closet for the original peasant dress I use to own and my PEACE shaped necklace.

Thanks for reading.

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