Through a Dogs Eyes

I just arrived home from LA, but knew that I had to write a blog “asap” about one of my hosts, little Cali, a Besenji mix and my “grandpuppy”.  We spent many hours bonding during our walks on the streets of West Hollywood. She truly proved to be the “master” when it came to teaching me about viewing the world through a “dog’s eyes”.

For starters, I learned that motorcycles, buses and skateboards are all scary to a dog that has moved from urban Florida to a bustling LA neighborhood. I guess people, like dogs, can learn to adapt to new surroundings if are willing to try new places, sights and smells.

I also learned through Cali that a person should be appreciated and shown compassion even if they are presumably homeless and smelly.

Then I learned that everyone deserves to be heard, including the teen we met at a local Starbucks named, Carlos. This student wanted to “skip school” because he felt misunderstood but was willing to try it for “one more day”.  “Dr. Cali” listened intently as Carlos explained his reasons for feeling like he “didn’t belong”.  His story was compelling and of the three of “us” he seemed like the “lost puppy”. By the time my coffee was gone, so was Carlos as he made his way across the street to school.

Lastly, there was how our canine ambassador reacted, or rather didn’t react, to droves of participants for the annual gay pride parade.  Despite the noise and numerous people in various forms of dress or undress she walked around the event with what seemed like a wide smile and wagged her tail at each and every person she encountered. No judging nor political agenda – just joy.

I wish everyone would walk through life viewing the world with wonder, excitement and joy- in essence, through a dog’s  eyes!

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  1. Love dogs and LOVED this post! We all could take lessons from a pooch! Didn’t know you had a “grandpuppy”, but she is darling! Congrats! Coffee Fridday mid or late afternoon? Sorry, no Starbucks in these parts!

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