If I could do it all again… I would _____________?

692634124_img_3531-2Over the past few weeks I have had several discussions with family, friends and acquaintances about the topic of “do overs”.  Basically, If you could do it  all again would you have _____?

Some who I engaged in discussion were in the midst of “mid- life”.  Their answers often demonstrated the fatigue one gets as being part of the “sandwich generation”.  I also asked some seniors who gave a different spin to the query and were indeed very introspective.

A few people gave answers that were guarded and only about their professional lives.

For others, the responses were hugely personal and with much elaboration.

Some were surprising (“Would have thought twice about having children”), while many were expected (“Wish I had saved more money for retirement”).

For me I wished I had perhaps chosen a different career path (interpreting) vs. working in education as a psychologist. Yet, I really have no regrets and am perfectly happy with my choice. For if I not gone the road I chose then I maybe would not have been as prepared to handle being my most important life choice of all.. The  role of MOM!

So, I ask.. Do you have any “Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda” thoughts of your own?  Feel free to share…

One thought on “If I could do it all again… I would _____________?

  1. If I could do “it” all over again, I would just BE happier.

    It’s a matter of personal choice, but somehow I grew up thinking happiness was conditional on this or this or that. What a lot of wasted time!

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