Shop from home suggestions to keep the economy flowing.

I am writing this blog from the comfort of my home. My (hopefully) corona virus free home. For the past few weeks “COVID-19” has been front and center in the news. First it was China’s problem. Then Italy. Now it is creeping its’ way through the United States and into our psyches.

As a person with a history of autoimmune “crap” – I decided to play it safe and limit my exposure by hanging out with Bayla at home. She isn’t too happy about our self-imposed “home-stay”.

My real reason for writing today is because my INBOX has been INUNDATED with messages about COVID 19 from companies and how they are dealing with this situation. One way to help keep their employees working and cashflow rolling is to offer online shopping opportunities and MEGA sales. I feel it is my “civic duty” to share my knowledge with you about super specials that you can take advantage of from the comfort of your home.

WAYFAIR. I have an addiction to WAYFAIR and this week they are really touting a lot of inventory in their 80% off clearance section of their website. There are some really BIG sales going on here. I checked out a lot of items (some which were sold out) and wow the selection was really great! Here were some finds that piqued my interest.


This lamp was originally $3000,00 and being sold for $333 this week

Or how about this 7 in 1 gaming table?! You can keep the whole family occupied during long days of enforced “staycations” or snow days!

IMPERFECT FOODS. Consider shopping for groceries via IMPERFECT FOODS. You will receive a plan to meet your needs such as a weekly or bi-monthly order. It can include vegetables, fruits or more (including eggs and cheeses) who were too “ugly” to make it to the grocery shelves. Their rejects are your next (cheaper) meal. They are in perfect condition to eat, just not perfect to look at.

Now you can get your essential perishables and do good for the world by not wasting food. IMPERFECT FOODS offers discounts for newbies. Here is the link. (Sorry, they do not offer any paper products, such as the super coveted toilet paper or paper towels.)

ULTA BEAUTY is offering a really terrific bonus gift to online shoppers who purchase $40 or more. While this seems pretty hefty – the gift is valued at nearly $100 and has great products. Get it while it lasts!

Other Noteworthy Deals for Home Shoppers

CRUISE VACATIONS: This poor industry has taken a hard hit – but they are still offering amazing pricing for cruises later in the year. I love my travel agent, Linda Kahn-Ferrell from The Travel Store and she can help guide you towards to the perfect cruise or other vacation. Simply call or contact her here. Ask Linda about great buys for airline travel, too.

FTD FLOWERS – If ever there was a time when we need some cheering up with a bouquet of flowers – it may just be today!

In closing, there is nothing funny or fun about the Corona Virus. But, if we must (temporarily) change the way we live – let us at least keep the economy going for the sake of our communities and families.

NOTE: I have not received any compensation or incentives from the above mentioned companies for including them in this blog. This was an organic article written based on my INBOX entries over the past few days.

If you know of a special that is running and wish to share – please add in the comment section. Thank you.

DISCLAIMER: The sales and information in this article was written Mid-March 2020. The items and sales were for this time period and may or may not be available upon you reading. However, the companies will (hopefully) be in business and worth checking out. Also, please check out my AMAZON INFLUENCER page here.

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I believe that people love social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and TikTok. because they are a DISTRACTION. I don’t mean a physical distraction – such as when person interrupts you from doing your job. It is the distraction of social media has become the “excuse” to be passive about current events and even open the door for people to not care about “front page news”. We have become a world that just doesn’t know the difference between “REAL BREAKING NEWS” and “REALITY TV NEWS”. In my “humble opinion” this phenomenon happens because we are victims to the social media magnet that causes our brain to be DISTRACTED!

I invite you to dive in to this topic a bit deeper with me. Here are some examples from “news” items for the week of January 20, 2020.

News Item 1. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex (aka Harry and Megan) are now “out of the senior royal family” and have moved to Canada. Good for them. I wish them, and Canada – much success.

News Item 2. A new trending hashtag (#DollyPartonChallenge) is causing a frenzy. Yes, my friends are uploading FOUR QUAD photos of ourselves with the captions FACEBOOK/ INSTAGRAM/ LINKEDIN and TINDER. I was distracted. I made one. See below. (*Blushing*)

News Item 3. Betty White had a birthday and we all have to post our well-wishes to our favorite Golden Girl! (Newsflash- she won’t read them.)

News Item 4. Eli Manning is retiring from football. (Newsflash #2 – some of us thought he already did.)

By the way, there also were two OTHER ” little” stories that seemed to get a few mentions…

1) The Corona Virus from China is rapidly spreading and causing much concern among the travel and medical communities. There is NO CURE, NO VACCINE and this is SERIOUS. To read about this ACTUAL NEWS STORY go here

Compound this breaking news with another “minor” story….

2) The Senate is holding impeachment hearings and there is chaos happening in Washington DC. When Nixon, even Clinton had offenses that warranted Senate hearings – there was nothing but these proceedings on TV and the radio 24/7. This was NEWS. The person who held the highest office in the United States was being put on trial. This was a BIG DEAL. I think it is worthy of a mention and way for you to learn more. PBS has great non-biased coverage.

What if you don’t want ANY NEWS on your timeline. You just want “rainbows and unicorns”? (Or selfies, puppy photos and baby videos) Well.. you can be distracted by these “happy posts” –

Below you will find a popular post that has made the rounds for a few months (or more). Notice the key to this post is to end negativity. (Yes, I posted photos of Bayla… I buckled under peer pressure. But, I also balanced that photo with a tweet about current events and the earthquake LA area had last night.)

I’m asking people to join the challenge of posting a picture of their dog. Only one photo, no description. The goal is to flood FB with positive dog pictures instead of negativity. Please copy the text into your status, post one photo of your dog and watch for some great photos! (Dog friends, jump right in.) ❤️

Facebook January 2020

As promised, my shameless QUAD IMAGE for the silly and useless #DollyPartonChallenge

I close with these cautionary words… Don’t live in a social media cocoon. Learn about the world around you. Locally. Nationally. Globally. And learn the difference between “news” that is meant as a distraction and focusing on real “breaking news”.

Thank you for reading.

Home. Sweet. Home. For. Bayla. But. Not. For._______.

IMG_5085Bayla is our dog that we adopted from a Southern California rescue a little more than three years ago. She is goofy, loving and oh- an immigrant.  You see, Bayla was brought IN to the United States as a pregnant pup from Tijuana, Mexico.  Immediately upon her arrival she was offered a home, food and free medical care at a modest rescue facility where her life was far better there than her days on the streets.  She was frightened, hungry and timid – at first. And, she was almost ready to deliver her puppies. In fact, Bayla delivered her puppies only a week or so after her arrival and was able to stay with all EIGHT puppies until they were weaned and adopted out to their loving and vetted fur-ever homes.  Never was this “parent and pups”  separated or were any of the dogs placed in “canine jail” for their non-documented status.  (See four of the eight of their precious faces below!)


Yes, Bayla was afforded better living conditions, care and concern than that given to many humans who currently are seeking a safe life, including asylum, in  the United States.  Bayla was given a ” home sweet home” as an immigrant. She was rescued from a less than ideal life on the streets and given a permanent home where she has survived and thrived.  In fact, there are scores of  dogs every day who come in to this country as “immigrants” and are allowed to live safely in towns across America.

Some of you may be thinking that my use of Bayla’s story as a parallel to the current and much more serious situation of immigrants being separated from their families is rubbish… let me continue.

First, while in no means do I think that the circumstances surrounding my dog and those of  humans are interchangeable  –  I do find it horrific that my dog received better care and respect than many of the families who in the past few months have  tried  to “survive and thrive” by entering the United States from Mexico, Central America and South America.  Instead they were detained and maltreated at the US- Mexico border.  Additionally, many of the families were separated with parents not knowing the whereabouts of their children.  From babies to teens, parents and children have been torn from each other’s arms. Included in these heinous acts are families that have children with special needs, such as Down syndrome and Deafness.

I have listened to many  interviews of individuals who recently were detained at the border. I listened to their accounts in both Spanish and English – so I could get the true essence of their emotion vs. through the voice of an interpreter. I was so saddened by  their stories’ of harrowing travels. Their recounting of narrow escapes from terror sent chills up and down my spine. Gang threats, physical harm, starvation, etc. were mentioned over and over and over again.  At no time did I doubt these stories or believe they were fabricated. Nor did I think – “Geez that person should be turned back and learn to just “deal” with the gangs, poor living conditions, lack of opportunity or the extreme poverty that made them risk everything to come here.”

One mother said when placed in detention she had fallen asleep with her child and when she awoke her child was gone from her. Gone. No one bothered to even wake up this mother?

I have been haunted by the wailing cries of this mother. Since hearing these first-hand stories my emotions have vacillated between crying, outrage and sheer anger.

As a parent, educator and a citizen of a country that allowed my ancestors to call the United States of America  home sweet home –  I cannot fathom how  families separated from their loved ones are enduring. I just hope and pray that all of them will be welcomed in to our country with a huge amount of compassion, caring, respect and concern. If Bayla can be treated with dignity and love upon her arrival then surely we can muster that amount and much more for all humans.

I welcome respectful commentary.



Awaiting April the giraffe to give birth – Why we are watching

Where is April’s baby? That is what thousands of people are asking concerning the New York Zoo’s most famous resident – “April the Giraffe”.  For nearly two months people from around the globe have been watching and waiting for the impending birth of the predicted five foot baby calf that is suppose to pop out of her … at any time.

I confess. I am one of those people.  I check her “progress” with religiously, at least twice if not three times a day.  And have been doing so – for at least three weeks.

But, why do I care?

I do love animals and birthing stories are so special, too. But, until this past March I wasn’t obsessed with animal obstetrics or baby giraffes. Yet, there is something special about April and the joy I get watching her go from her food bin to greeting her pal and the “baby daddy”, Oliver.  This is a simple story to view and so much easier on the heart than any of the other current event news stories.

Watching April and the flow of positive and fun conversation on the live feed provided by Toys R Us is much preferred than the upsetting news about North Korea testing nuclear weapons or chemical warfare that has killed scores of people, including children in Syria.

The thought of a good news headline, albeit frivolous, makes me giddy! April to me is the best news story of 2017! No one is vetoing April. There is no executive order that makes April’s life more difficult.  April will be well cared for and have great healthcare.  She is loved. Everyone gets to have an emotional high when watching April and guessing  the sex and name calf. The story of  a mommy giraffe trying to do her part to repopulate the giraffe population is a story full of hope and happiness.

So, if you need a smile and want to see if April’s little bundle of joy has arrived, simply click on this Facebook link or search for “April the Giraffe” and pick your favorite channel to join the “armchair veterinarians” who are watching with great anticipation.

See April’s message to her fans here

And, kudos to the NY Zoo for securing Toys R US as a sponsor! Guess it begs the question if “BABY GIRAFFE X” will be a Toys R Us “Kids/Calf”?

Giraffe photos are generic via Pixabay.