Awaiting April the giraffe to give birth – Why we are watching

Where is April’s baby? That is what thousands of people are asking concerning the New York Zoo’s most famous resident – “April the Giraffe”.  For nearly two months people from around the globe have been watching and waiting for the impending birth of the predicted five foot baby calf that is suppose to pop out of her … at any time.

I confess. I am one of those people.  I check her “progress” with religiously, at least twice if not three times a day.  And have been doing so – for at least three weeks.

But, why do I care?

I do love animals and birthing stories are so special, too. But, until this past March I wasn’t obsessed with animal obstetrics or baby giraffes. Yet, there is something special about April and the joy I get watching her go from her food bin to greeting her pal and the “baby daddy”, Oliver.  This is a simple story to view and so much easier on the heart than any of the other current event news stories.

Watching April and the flow of positive and fun conversation on the live feed provided by Toys R Us is much preferred than the upsetting news about North Korea testing nuclear weapons or chemical warfare that has killed scores of people, including children in Syria.

The thought of a good news headline, albeit frivolous, makes me giddy! April to me is the best news story of 2017! No one is vetoing April. There is no executive order that makes April’s life more difficult.  April will be well cared for and have great healthcare.  She is loved. Everyone gets to have an emotional high when watching April and guessing  the sex and name calf. The story of  a mommy giraffe trying to do her part to repopulate the giraffe population is a story full of hope and happiness.

So, if you need a smile and want to see if April’s little bundle of joy has arrived, simply click on this Facebook link or search for “April the Giraffe” and pick your favorite channel to join the “armchair veterinarians” who are watching with great anticipation.

See April’s message to her fans here

And, kudos to the NY Zoo for securing Toys R US as a sponsor! Guess it begs the question if “BABY GIRAFFE X” will be a Toys R Us “Kids/Calf”?

Giraffe photos are generic via Pixabay.

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