Why Journaling and Creating Scrapbooks Could Result in GREAT Mental Health Benefits!


You have to leave the city of your comfort and go to the wilderness of your intuition. What you’ll discover will be wonderful. You will discover yourself.

~Alan Alda

Every year millions of blank and lined paged journal books are sold in the United States. Amazon sells  more than a million books to those wanting to write their musings or organize their thoughts.  Equally as popular is the scrapbooking community. Those who love to mesh photographs, stamping art and stickers together in a bound book for posterity.  I may have a few of these journals or scrapbooks on my shelves or in my drawers –  and by a few I mean twenty or more.

If you are a reader of this blog, then you will know that I am an ardent photographer and love to assemble projects that utilize photos and quotes. (Read a recent article here.)   I am a firm believer that sparking your mental processes through creative outlets is one way to keep yourself challenged and active from your youth through your golden years.

Let’s look at the value of both keeping a journal and scrapbook.

What is Journaling?

Consider journaling a way to plan your current and future life while reflecting on and learning from lesson of your past. A journal is a running diary of your thoughts, dreams and concerns. It also chronicles events and your “take” on what has happened.

A journal is a “safe place” where you can emote your love for another, anger, disappointment or sadness. It is where you can let out your deep seeded grief.  While not a substitute for a trained therapist, a journal is often a tool to help guide you through the tough times in your life.

One of the most common themes among those who journal is to see how problems, once thought unsurmountable, were actually resolved,  leaving the scribe with a much larger understanding and appreciation for having “made it through” and perhaps much better equipped to cope with future challenges.

What is Scrapbooking?

Scrapbooking to me is being able to put in to themed books the milestones of your life of those of your loved ones.  Many parents, especially mom’s, love to keep sweet memorabilia of their babies first year, child’s school years and extra -curricular activities.  I for one have made many scrapbooks when my children were young. Included in these precious memory books are first words, pictures of first steps, locks of hair from the first haircuts and much more.  Being able to fill in the blanks for older children of their first years, is always a nice way to add to bonding experiences between parent and child.

Now that my children are adults, I have “shelved” these lovely books hoping that someday I will show them to their offspring and have some good belly laughs and perhaps smile through nostalgic tears.

There is positive mental health value with both journaling and scrapbooking for all ages.

As an educator, I see the value of offering journaling opportunities in school.  Children can have complicated lives, and what a wonderful way to give them space to write and reflect than a journal.  This avenue for discourse can be quite powerful if  it is an ongoing conversation between a teacher / therapist and child.  Being able to voice concerns, opinions and much more without judgment or having to actually “talk”.

Also, imagine the ability to see your child’s interpretation of their lives through the art of creating a scrapbook.  There are many templates to help a child get started and ways to stir their creativity.  Also, parents – don’t be shy!

Now let’s talk about a fun company that helps enhance your journaling and scrapbook world with their designs – The Stickii Club!


Untitled design-30.png

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Stickii Club is a subscription service that also makes available a la carte stickers to accent your journal and scrapbooking project. I became interested in this start-up company when I met them at a gifting suite and thought that there true to life stickers would make a great addition to creative projects, especially with journaling.  My favorite is the retro ones and travel as I love to put together my photography and utilize these stickers to help compliment the story.  (As you know photography and journaling are my way to experience calm!)



I had an opportunity to send interview questions to the founder  of  STICKII CLUB , Rita and here is what I learned:


Louise: What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?:
Rita: I really didn’t want to work for someone else and be boxed into a strict schedule with no flexibility. I have a creative passion and I wanted to pursue that


Louise:  Is STICKII CLUB your first venture in to the world of entrepreneurship or are you a veteran in the business world?:
Rita: My first foray into the world of entrepreneurship but it’s taught me so much, I can see myself exploring other business endeavors in the future.

3. What was the catalyst for starting STICKII CLUB and tell us about the company: 
Rita: I’ve always had a love for stickers ever since I was little and dreamed of having my own stationery store. When I graduated I didn’t want to work for a company but had to work – at the same time I discovered subscription box services and decided to create one for stickers. So STICKII (stickers + kawaii {the Japanese word for cute}) was born. The company sends out a pack of stickers and stationery every month but because everyone has different styles, we have 3 selections to choose from every month.

4. Your stickers are more “mature” – meant for those who love to journal or make scrapbooks.  Do you journal daily?: 
Rita: Hah, running the company and creating most of its designs is how I spend most of my time so I don’t journal as much as I used to but our team loves planning & journaling and using stickers to make each entry their own. One of our team members has multiple notebooks for different things, she loves working at a place where the perk is unlimited free stickers for her to play with!

5. Are your products available online and in stores or only online?: 
Rita: For the moment we only sell online through our own website. You can do a subscription or check out our shop for individual sticker sheets and some other fun things.

6. Do you customize for large orders and if so- how much lead time? (Such as a school specific set or a set for a wedding, etc.):
Rita: We never say no to a custom order, it just depends on if the person has the art work in place or needs one of our artists, the order size, the layout, etc. We prefer to have at least a month advance notice at a minimum but we’ve managed to pull off a few miracles before.

7. I work in media, so I am curious – which of the social media platforms are your favorite and get you the most results?: 
Rita: By far, Instagram.  Our service deals in the visual since it’s artistic and a tangible product so Instagram is great at showing the photos and people get excited about what they’re going to receive. Facebook is a close second and we’ve tried other ones but these two get the most results.

8. You are offering a giveaway {SEE BELOW} – what do people need to do to enter to win and when is the last date they can enter?:
Rita:  Please follow us on INSTAGRAM or FACEBOOK between July 16th and August 18th.  We will announce THREE prized winners:  Grand Prize (7 packs of stickers), 1st Prize (4 packs of stickers) and 2nd prize (3 packs of stickers).  We sadly need to restrict to the United States for entries as we have to ship our prizes.  (The giveaway rules are below.)

9. Any other information you wish for our readers to know?:
Rita: All our packs come in a unique Stickii Storage sticker insert so you can keep your stickers organized and neat. Signing up means you get happiness delivered right to your door every month!


SIGN UP IS ONE CLICK AWAY! USE THE PROMO CODE:  LOUISE for $2 off a month’s subscription



Want to WIN a set of STICKII CLUB stickers? Simply do the following to ENTER the STICKII CLUB GIVEAWAY!:






LASTLY:  Be super groovy if you also signed up for their >>>>  EMAIL. 


What will the Stickii Club winners receive??

💥 💥






Winners will be randomly chosen from ALL Entries who either follow on INSTAGRAM or FACEBOOK between July 16th and August 18th, 2018.  The giveaway winners will be chosen by a random generator on August 19, 2018 of all eligible entrants.  Residents of the United States of America only.  Cannot be related to anyone from Stickii Club nor Louise Sattler. Shipping will be by standard mail.  No substitutions or monetary trade value will be offered. Multiple follows by autobots or fake accounts will result in deletion of entry.


DISCLAIMER:  I received promotional product from Stickii.Club.  However, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product and would have written this blog regardless!

These Sign Language Lessons are FREE

This year – start your BACK to SCHOOL planning with FREE Sign Language Programming from SIGNING FAMILIES!

Am I kidding? Free lesson plans??

This year I have decided to offer via my educational platform – SIGNING FAMILIES –  a FREE series of beginner sign language classes. These classes will be “subscription only” but FREE to all who register.

The intended audiences are as follows:

  • Preschool teachers
  • Classroom teachers
  • Home Educators
  • Special Needs Support Staff (such as behavioral specialists)

Nv16eMsdgxb9eEi9JDGuLq2gpx3wQsShaWjMV3qpJ84What to expect:

Each lesson starts with target vocabulary by age.  Preschoolers will get simple words to learn while older students will be instructed to more enriched vocabulary, the alphabet, numbers and grammatical concepts.



For all students discussions about Deafness is encouraged. Resources are offered.

How to present the material, videos, downloadable photos and images and creative ideas to practice – all are part of the lesson plans.

Lastly, an opportunity to exchange ideas by asking questions will be a feature!

How to access the program?


Once you subscribe the access codes to the lessons, as they become available, will be emailed to you.

There is no “hidden agenda” to this offer. Simply to educate more people about sign language.

I have seen so many positive outcomes when people know sign language – even the basics.  If you like the idea, but don’t want or need lesson plans for sign language instruction – please consider sharing this information.  Who knows?! – An educator may happen upon your post and love the idea!

Questions? Please use this contact form to ask any questions! 

I will not sell my list of subscribers to any company. Your info is kept private!






Back to School… What your student needs to put in their backpack that is NOT a school supply

Carolina Backpacks
Carolina Backpacks

WOW!  Is it me, or did this summer ‘fly by”?   Well, if it is August then that means just one thing to an educator/ parent/ retail store owner – BACK TO SCHOOL! 

Ahhh… the smell of new pencils, paper and notebooks! Oh wait- that was my memory from 30 years ago.. now in the year 2013 we have recollections of  the smell of a freshly unboxed iPad and earbuds!

Do we still have backpacks?  I hope so as I have amassed a list of what a student should put in their backpack that is NOT a school supply!

  1. A list of emergency contacts. Whether your students is 6 or 16, a list of emergency contacts can be a lifesaver. Don’t assume that the child will remember all their contacts  names, numbers and addresses. Also, having a cell phone is no guarantee either.
  2. List of any medications they are taking or any allergies. Consider using MediPal  to have all essential medical information on or in the backpack, itself.
  3. Emergency money for lunch or a cab ride home.  I still have a recurring nightmare of  when I was in second grade and had forgotten my lunch money.  My mom had to come and bring me lunch which wasn’t the bad part- it was the memory of our principal who was not the happiest “camper” in the world!  I would have rather skipped lunch then have to sit in the main office being “babysat”.. So, I always asked for emergency money after that!
  4. “Personal products” for your tween and teen girls- just in case
  5. Quarters- just in case an after school snack is needed
  6. Cell phone with spare charger or battery pack. Yes, I believe that students who are old enough to dial a phone responsibly and have after school activities should have a cell phone on them.
  7. Actual writing utensils- such as a pen and paper
  8. Calculator, if applicable
  9. BOOK-  YEP- I  said a BOOK.  This is to occupy their time when they have finished their work and need to do something constructive during free time. (Your student doesn’t like to read books? Try comics or a magazine)
  10.  Sense of humor, thick skin and information on how to get help (academic, emotional and other) , if needed.  School is tough and we all hope that our kids will come to us if they need some assistance. But, if  for some reason they feel they just can’t confide in a parent then they need to have some information on where help can be obtained.

In closing- there have been a few great commercials to remind us how our culture embraces BACK TO SCHOOL! My favorite is the MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR commercial by STAPLES. Here is a list of some more favorites from KidsWorld.


 RADIO GUEST NEWS:  This week on the Louise Sattler Show are our friends from MATHLIBS.org.  and Shara Lawrence-Weiss from MommyPerks.com,

To learn about the MathLibs  program and how you can give them a boost click here:  MATHLibs KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN

Listen Live or via Download at 9pEt this Sunday HERE

Coming up: American Idol Top 10 – with Scott MacIntyre (LOVE his music and his story!)

Why the Toys R Us, the new Ricki Lake show, Disney and ABCFamily “Get it”

This week Toys r Us unveiled their annual TOY GUIDE for DIFFERENTLY ABLED CHILDREN.  I love this catalog! It is by far the best one catalog I receive all year long! Included are great fine and gross motor activities, as well as games to stimulate language and overall cognitive skills.  Wonderful for families and educators.  Nancy O’Dell promotes this inclusion catalog and wishes all to “create magical play moments”  on a video that you can watch (captioned) here:   BRAVO to Toys R Us!   GO RICKI! GO RICKI! GO RICKI!   Once again I must give a shout-out to the staff at the new RICKI LAKE SHOW!  Again, they “get it”.  Bryan Moore, director of social media is meticulous at making sure that the content is inclusive.  The team was uber positive and excited when I filmed a number of ASL and captioned videos for them as their FRIEND OF THE WEEK for #FriendsofRicki . To view the videos click here:  RICKI VIDEOS

Meet some of the wonderful staff behind the new RICKI LAKE SHOW.. Begins September 10th. Check local listings for the station in your area and air time.

“THE MOUSE” aka Disney once again celebrated the deaf community  by opening their original Disneyland to thousands who live and love within the deaf community. This year they added another great element- the cast of SWITCHED AT BIRTH (via ABCFAmily). This was a brilliant  pairing of a beloved theme park with a “hot” show which highlights families with both deaf and hearing members. Equipped with many interpreters and staff, the day was deemed a wild success and much enjoyed by young and more “mature” lovers of all things Disney.   Check out one of their blogs which helps to frame the endeavor.CLICK HERE

So a warm THANK YOU to Toys R Us, Ricki Lake and Staff, Disney and ABCFAMILY for “getting it” when it comes to setting an environment and tone for inclusion!

Back on the Air with 411 VOICES Radio Network

Tuesday, August 21st at 11a.m. EST I will be back on the air via BLOG TALK with 411 VOICES Radio.  Once again, sharing a time slot with Dara Blaker on the the program, ARTS, ENTERTAINMENT and the BUSINESS OF IT ALL!

I will be chatting about Back To School items for Special Needs Students.  Come join me and learn about GET EDUCATED,  LAKSMI VOELKER Chair Yoga and the newest tech tools from T-Moblile!


Wisdom from Christopher Robin for Parents of College Freshmen


This is my wish for you: Comfort on difficult days, smiles when sadness intrudes, rainbows to follow the clouds, laughter to kiss your lips, sunsets to warm your heart, hugs when spirits sag, beauty for your eyes to see, friendships to brighten your being, faith so that you can believe, confidence for when you doubt, courage to know yourself, patience to accept the truth,

Love to complete your life.

~Christopher Robin as told to Winnie the Pooh

I found this quote (again) just a few days ago and thought it was very apropos for those who are packing cars to drive their sons and daughters off to college for the very first time.  It seems that mother’s have prepared for the day when their child leaves the nest the very first day they entered through the kindergarten doors. And for Dad’s … perhaps a wee bit later? And for many, this Fall will mark a new transition for the Moms and Dads – the “empty nest”. (I prefer the term “Low Occupancy”)  It was only a short year ago when I felt the “gloom” of having a house that was all too quiet and clean.  In addition, I may have learned a few things, so below I would like to share my new “expertise”.

Here are my thoughts…

1- Give yourself permission to feel badly. You know that you are excited and proud of your child. Also, that you deserve to feel great that as a parent you have done what was needed to get your child to this point – entering higher education.  However, you still may have a sense of dread…. the empty room… the dinner seat that will be empty until Fall break… the quiet.  So, go ahead. Acknowledge the change in the home and allow yourself time to adjust. Chocolate helps.

2- Call friends and plan to get OUT OF THE HOUSE.  Make new traditions. And if lucky- maybe they will feel sympathy for you and pick up the tab.

3- Bake a lot of cookies for your college freshman to help him/her make new friends. And remember, I always love to add a good PEZ dispenser  with tons of refills. Nothing says, “Will you be my friend” more than cookies and candy!  Oh and popcorn! Don’t forget to send popcorn!

4- Get involved.  Despite what I thought – the world didn’t end when we became a home that was “low occupancy”.  In fact,  being sans kiddos allowed for time to get involved with other endeavors.

5- And when your child comes home over break and thinks they are now wiser than you.. remember one thing.. you really did miss them!

Good luck to all!

Updated: August 20,2021:  I wrote the above before there was a pandemic.  While all the suggestions remain the same – I will add a few … wipes for cleansing off common areas from germs, lots of hand sanitizer, and fun masks with themes.  (Perhaps ones  with the periodic chart or all the bones of the body for anatomy class?)


I remember when I was an undergraduate student waiting at bus stops or walking home late at night feeling weary and sometimes frightened of my setting.  To try and ease my anxiety I carried with me the safety device de jour at the time, known as the “rape whistle”.  I also carried a small canister of mace.  How much safer and also more comfortable would I have felt had I access to an iSafe backpack! What is the iSafe Backpack? In essence, it is an ingenious backpack/ mobile personal safety device that helps keep children of all ages and adults feel safer when they leave home!

I agreed to try the iSafe backpack (which I received complimentary), because I wanted to see for myself this product that was causing all the  buzz on the “back to school” circuit. Recently, I have had the opportunity to see many backpacks for this back to school season and I wanted to compare.  ( I need to confess- I am FUSSY!)  The iSafe backpack (Sling style) arrived at my door and it was an instant hit with all the teens who were there when the box arrived!  Not only did the iSafe bag come equipped with the most brilliant of mobile personal safety devices-  an easy to access pull string alarm system, but it is able to hold so much of my personal stuff!  My netbook with sleeve fit easily in to the sling backpacks main compartment.  Also, there was a very healthy sized outside pocket to hold a cell phone, personal belongings and even some snack food! In addition, as a person with a bad back, I was duly impressed with the ergonomics of the iSafe Sling backpack. There was much cushion on this backpack which made both the shoulder straps and the outside that rested against my back very comfortable

. As I was trying on my iSafe bag, with the cadre of teens still acting as “judges”, we generated many applications for use.  Some of the teens noted that the alternate styles (in the literature I received with the bag) would be super for college and high school students who needed to pack an entire day of books, computers and after school apparel.  One  girl noted that her parents would feel better if her younger sister had a bag as she walked to school and an iSafe backpack would ease their fears of about potential child abduction.  Of course, we tested the alarm – immediately- and much to our surprise, it was LOUD!  I originally thought the alarm would be a beep, but as one of the teens yelled over the siren- “This alarm could be heard blocks away!”  Collectively we were sold! In addition, my daughter, who is always looking for trendy items paired with practical usage, suggested that the iSafe company may want to consider cute daytime and evening purses, too.  (I personally second the idea)

Moreover, I am thrilled to have the sling back for travel!  Plus, I am a woman who travels nationwide for business.  I often have to stay in hotel rooms by myself.  I love that this backpack acts as a personal security system in a hotel, parking garage and so much more.

As an educator I would give the iSafe Sling Backpack an A+! And I have to thank the iSafe company for making my holiday shopping that much easier- as now I know exactly what I am buying the students in our family!  Oops- just let the cat out of the bag!! Oh well- maybe my nieces and nephew will let me know now which style they want! Here’s hoping you all discover iSafe Backpacks and bags, too!

If you follow my blog then you already know I am a huge fan of photos and videos!  I plan on adding a VLOG on my SIGNING FAMILIES FACEBOOK PAGE for all to learn ASL signs related to the iSafe Backpack.

Check out iSafe on this video!!

To make it easy for all of you- iSafe is now on TWITTER and FACEBOOK!

Louise Masin Sattler is a busy psychologist and owner of Signing Families™.  She also is honored to be part of the HerInsight Network . Catch her show, Learning and Laughter with Louise! every Wednesday at 9 a.m. EST.  Coffee optional.  Laughing is mandatory.   And she’ll be sporting a new iSAFE sling backpack cause it is groovy! Laugh with Louise on Twitter as @LouiseASL

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary ISafe Bag for this review. No other compensation was provided.

Are You on a Trip to Holland?

Once again I have been asked by several people to repost this article.  If it helps one parent get through the tough times of having an unexpected premature baby, a child with special needs or another tough circumstance then it is worth the few minutes for me to post.

Are you on a “Trip to Holland?”

The poem written by Emily Perl Kingsley was cut out and pasted on the refrigerator from February of 1992 until we moved to a new home in 1995. It was titled, “ Welcome to Holland”. In essence, it was a snapshot of what it is like to be unprepared when you give birth to a child who has challenges, such as medical or cognitive disabilities.

There is one section of the poem that I read over and over again, “After months of eager anticipation, the day finally arrives. You pack your bags and off you go. Several hours later, the plane lands. The stewardess comes in and says, “Welcome to Holland.” “Holland?!?” you say. “What do you mean Holland?? I signed up for Italy! I’m supposed to be in Italy. All my life I’ve dreamed of going to Italy.” But there’s been a change in the flight plan. They’ve landed in Holland and there you must stay.”

My husband and I wanted to go to Italy and ended up in Holland on February 7, 1992. I should have known that our trip to second-time parenthood would be bumpy as we were told that our secondborn was to be a girl. “Two girls, so nice”, my OB-GYN told me. Guess what? –  We had the first boy born in 28 years in my family when our son arrived via emergency c-section. Not breathing right. Sugar is too low.  His heartbeat is too high. I could already feel the “plane veer” off course.

Days later we were allowed to go home only to notice that our little “fella” was turning the color of a Sunkist orange. Not good. Not good at all. Rushed back to the hospital to be told it was simple “jaundice”. Nope, nothing in the child’s life would be simple as I found out. Days go on and before the first actual tulip bloomed that year we were in intensive care with our young guy. Jaundice ended up being a “liver problem” – not yet determined – but possibly very serious and could lead to severe retardation. Respiratory syncytial virus/ RSV nearly claimed his life. Reflux choked him every third breath. Our nightmare continued. You know you have a very sick baby when you can’t find room in the isolated PICU suite because of the number of doctors, nurses, and respiratory therapists working with your child to keep him alive. You also know your baby is very ill when the nurses come and ask you questions such as, ‘Is there anyone we can call for you?” … Does God have a hotline, I wonder?

For any new parent who has a baby you know this is the worst part of this type of scenario- the waiting. You wait to see if the tests are positive for illnesses that are unimaginable. You wait to see if the insurance will cover the rare and complicated blood work, machines that are helping your child stay alive, or special therapy sessions ordered. You wait to see if you will ever have a “normal” life again for yourself, your family, your work, etc. Will your child walk, talk, eat normally, have friends, etc.? You begin to HATE Holland truly.

Then little by little the waiting ends. Test results come back. Therapies begin. Hospitalizations end and you go home.

But, for many of us, this is when you start a new journey into the realm of Special Education. Here is the most ironic part of this story and the reason I am writing it for this blog. I am a special educator. I am a full-fledged, certified School Psychologist that is trained to help parents and children with special needs. HOWEVER… All my training flies out the window as my mind is trying to process the months of evaluations, reports, and recommendations from specialists.

Ironic indeed. I have now changed teams!

Instead of being the intervention specialist, I now am the one calling our local school district asking for help from the Early Intervention Team! And I am so grateful when they appear at my door. But, I still have problems with paperwork and understanding all the information. How can this be? I do this job every day and I am still wading through it because my head is so full of grief and confusion. The team helps me. Every day gets a little better. Clarity arrives with every meeting or visits from a team member. Family members come on board to help. We get it through it.

Now fast- forward, our son improves with therapy and he starts to talk, walk (actually run) and become quite sociable. He has more hospital visits – but he is deemed fairly healthy. His liver has a benign disorder and we are told that he shouldn’t go without food or to enter in to the military. We can live with those two stipulations to have a benign liver disorder vs. the alternatives.

I also become a much better psychologist. Often I went to our fridge and I read Welcome to Holland. As I do, I imagine my own fears, but also I see the faces and hear the sad, confused and sometimes hopeful voices of countless parents and children I have worked with in the past. I am a better person because I stopped in Holland rather than Italy.

As for the little “fella”, well he is off to Michigan State University in the Fall.  He wants to help others by joining law enforcement as a forensic criminologist.   He has had his challenges, but nothing we couldn’t handle thanks to the help of caring teachers, healthcare professionals, and family.

And guess where he suggested we go on summer vacation this year? Holland. And what teams does he predict will win the FIFA World Cup- you guessed it… The Netherlands!  Well, I’ll be!!

Follow-Up... It has been a YEAR since I wrote this original post and I have received notes from many parents who thanked me for sharing our journey and giving hope to theirs.  As for the “little fella”- well he has excelled beyond our wildest dreams at Michigan State University- with acceptance into the honors college and dorm.  He is an amazing kid and still remains to this day, my hero…

Second Follow-Up … My son is now a junior and living the average life of a college-aged student.  The fact that I typed AVERAGE makes my heart sing, as for many this is the bar which to aim and one during his earlier years that we weren’t sure would ever be attained.  An interesting twist happened a year ago… my son was so touched that I wrote this blog that he tried to connect with Emily Kinglsley, the author of A TRIP TO HOLLAND.    Unfortunately, his attempts were unsuccessful which made his Mother’s Day gift a bit of a disappointment for him.  However, knowing that he tried was present enough for ME!  I grow prouder and prouder of both of my children on a daily basis as they are kind and generous people who are doing the world of good for “tourism” in Holland.  XO to all parents with children that are the tulips of generations to come.

Update: February 2022

The little fella isn’t so little. In fact, he is quite an adult and this mom couldn’t be prouder.  He works diligently to help keep this world a safer and kinder place in ways that I couldn’t explain to you as his job is both complicated and needs much discretion.   And in the 30 years since his birth, he has allowed me to share his story to help others.  Plus, he has become a homeowner, a super attentive boyfriend to the amazing “S”, an awesome brother, and just a really groovy guy.  Yes, this mom sits in awe of how the little fella who barely survived now teaches others so many lessons.  Most of all – just keep breathing.

The author and her son when he was only 5 months old. Keep in mind we are at the beach, hence the “bad hair day!”

The premature “baby”, Seth, on his HS graduation day, 2010!