College 101: Making Friends with a PEZ Candy Dispenser

Update (June 2021): I still love PEZ dispenser and there are so many NEW ones since I penned this article.  Did you know that some PEZ dispensers are actually “collectibles”? 

It has been about a dozen years since I started the annual hunt for PEZ dispensers. That was when I commenced sending packages to various relatives and friends who were beginning their freshman year in college.  I know that it may sound totally insane to send one of the Disney Princesses in a college box, but I consider this little plastic dispenser filled with yummy candy as a magnet for instant college friends.

Who needs Facebook when you can walk the hallways of  a new college dorm holding a cute PEZ with lots of extra candy to “reload” at a moments notice?!  Who could say no to a yummy taste of cherry or orange goodness?  And what about using it as a conversation starter!  (” I remember when my mom got me my first PEZ”. )  First, you can establish what is your favorite PEZ character and candy flavor and then before you know it- your new friend has shared info about their hometown, major and perhaps much more.

AHHH… an instant friend maker.  And in case you are wondering what ELSE goes in the college box I send every year…. here is this list:

1. Homemade brownies with white chocolate chips.  Individually wrapped.

2. A deck of cards, unopened.

3. Something the college student loves- such as comic books, magazines, hometown paper and a personal note.

4. A gift card or two.  Including the coveted iTunes gift card.

5. Healthy foods (sorta) like popcorn, monster mix or mac and cheese.

6.. and the PEZ dispenser.  This year we are going retro- Thomas the Tank Engine!

Remember that timing is everything- so the box is always sent priority mail and set to arrive the first week of classes.

On second thought, maybe I’ll send two PEZ.  One for the roommates, too.


5 thoughts on “College 101: Making Friends with a PEZ Candy Dispenser

  1. What great ideas! Whether it’s the first day of college or just a new school, it’s a big step for kids…and moms! I’ll be sure to share this with my friends who have kids heading off to college!

  2. Whoot! We love PEZ in our home. The kids have a blast with those (I put them into the stockings each Christmas).

    Oh, yes. The iTunes cards are wanted here, too, by our tween.

    #5 made me laugh!! Mac N Cheese “healthy.” I always tell my kids they can only eat that once in a blue moon. LOL

    Lovely idea for the box. I just mailed one to my dad for his b-day last week (to Australia). Organic lotion and toothpaste, candies, photos of his grandkids and more. Everyone loves a goodie box!

  3. That’s it, Louise! I’m going back to college! I’ll send you my addy when I get there! LOL

    Go right through for MSU, watch the points keep growing! Spartan teams are bound to win, they’re fighting with a vim, rah, rah, rah!

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