I remember when I was an undergraduate student waiting at bus stops or walking home late at night feeling weary and sometimes frightened of my setting.  To try and ease my anxiety I carried with me the safety device de jour at the time, known as the “rape whistle”.  I also carried a small canister of mace.  How much safer and also more comfortable would I have felt had I access to an iSafe backpack! What is the iSafe Backpack? In essence, it is an ingenious backpack/ mobile personal safety device that helps keep children of all ages and adults feel safer when they leave home!

I agreed to try the iSafe backpack (which I received complimentary), because I wanted to see for myself this product that was causing all the  buzz on the “back to school” circuit. Recently, I have had the opportunity to see many backpacks for this back to school season and I wanted to compare.  ( I need to confess- I am FUSSY!)  The iSafe backpack (Sling style) arrived at my door and it was an instant hit with all the teens who were there when the box arrived!  Not only did the iSafe bag come equipped with the most brilliant of mobile personal safety devices-  an easy to access pull string alarm system, but it is able to hold so much of my personal stuff!  My netbook with sleeve fit easily in to the sling backpacks main compartment.  Also, there was a very healthy sized outside pocket to hold a cell phone, personal belongings and even some snack food! In addition, as a person with a bad back, I was duly impressed with the ergonomics of the iSafe Sling backpack. There was much cushion on this backpack which made both the shoulder straps and the outside that rested against my back very comfortable

. As I was trying on my iSafe bag, with the cadre of teens still acting as “judges”, we generated many applications for use.  Some of the teens noted that the alternate styles (in the literature I received with the bag) would be super for college and high school students who needed to pack an entire day of books, computers and after school apparel.  One  girl noted that her parents would feel better if her younger sister had a bag as she walked to school and an iSafe backpack would ease their fears of about potential child abduction.  Of course, we tested the alarm – immediately- and much to our surprise, it was LOUD!  I originally thought the alarm would be a beep, but as one of the teens yelled over the siren- “This alarm could be heard blocks away!”  Collectively we were sold! In addition, my daughter, who is always looking for trendy items paired with practical usage, suggested that the iSafe company may want to consider cute daytime and evening purses, too.  (I personally second the idea)

Moreover, I am thrilled to have the sling back for travel!  Plus, I am a woman who travels nationwide for business.  I often have to stay in hotel rooms by myself.  I love that this backpack acts as a personal security system in a hotel, parking garage and so much more.

As an educator I would give the iSafe Sling Backpack an A+! And I have to thank the iSafe company for making my holiday shopping that much easier- as now I know exactly what I am buying the students in our family!  Oops- just let the cat out of the bag!! Oh well- maybe my nieces and nephew will let me know now which style they want! Here’s hoping you all discover iSafe Backpacks and bags, too!

If you follow my blog then you already know I am a huge fan of photos and videos!  I plan on adding a VLOG on my SIGNING FAMILIES FACEBOOK PAGE for all to learn ASL signs related to the iSafe Backpack.

Check out iSafe on this video!!

To make it easy for all of you- iSafe is now on TWITTER and FACEBOOK!

Louise Masin Sattler is a busy psychologist and owner of Signing Families™.  She also is honored to be part of the HerInsight Network . Catch her show, Learning and Laughter with Louise! every Wednesday at 9 a.m. EST.  Coffee optional.  Laughing is mandatory.   And she’ll be sporting a new iSAFE sling backpack cause it is groovy! Laugh with Louise on Twitter as @LouiseASL

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary ISafe Bag for this review. No other compensation was provided.


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