Why I LOVE the ABC Family show – SWITCHED AT BIRTH!

FINALLY there is a new show on television which incorporates a deaf and hearing cast of teens and adults who perform a script that spotlights the wonderful deaf culture and American Sign Language.  Many love the show. And, some are harsh critics. I love the show on so many levels as this seminole drama helps to increase awareness about deafness, ASL and so much more! Plus, it is just a fun weekly series to view! (What will become of Emmitt and Bay?)

I love that SWITCHED AT BIRTH is imperfect.  The hearing cast members sign awkwardly as a novice signer often does.  Many use their signs too literally and not conceptually – which is another rookie mistake that shows the authenticity of these newbie signers.  In addition, the cultural lessons are exemplified throughout the various story arcs. This past week, Daphne (played by Katie LeClerc) joined her team at a championship game. Deaf families came from all over the country to see the basketball team play in solidarity and support of  the deaf school that Daphne attends. Not THEIR local school but another region’s school. This is a very typical scenario within the deaf community and one that I am glad the director and writers highlighted.  (For those who are interested in learning more about deaf culture and the importance that deaf schools has made on the deaf community please watch the brilliant THROUGH DEAF EYES available on PBS).

As I embark on going to Los Angeles as the newest member of  THE LINICOMN AGENY, I only hope that our Exceptional Talent division will have an opportunity to shine a spotlight on many talented youth and adults who happen to have sensory or learning differences.   If you are interested in learning more on how you can audition to become a member of THE LINICOMN AGENCY , please leave a comment here and I will connect back with you.

If you are interested in learning more about sign language go here–> SIGNING FAMILIES


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  1. Hi Louise, I just stumbled across this blogpost – and I’m VERY interested in learning more about The Linicomn Agency. I’ve included my e-mail address, where you can get in touch with me anytime. Thanks!

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