2011 – Learn, Create, Support, Educate and Breathe

This has been quite a year! So, as usual I will defer to photos instead of words to capture the year – end synopsis. From many traveling opportunities such as to Mac World with The PaperShow, EMS trainings, Parent- Child workshops, to creating educational videos for abcteach.com, products for SIGNING FAMILIES (hence all the kids in photos), and including tons of time working in media and social media and with Education.com, expanding my professional horizons with the  co- creation of 411 VOICES and my joining The Linicomn Agency – LA Division for Exceptional Talent, to time time with family and friends and battling the beast (cancer) only to turn those lemons in to a Twitter-esque lemonade, and much more!… WHEW..

Kids with Special Needs AND Exceptional Talent… Apply Here

It is with great pleasure that I announce my new venture! I have been asked to join The Linicomn Agency to help open their second office in Los Angeles. This company first piqued my attention when it was apparent that they didn’t want to open a traditional talent agency, but a boutique service that would be for individuals with learning or physical challenges. WOW.. this I can do!

My role will be as a lisasion between talent and casting directors. Also, I will be an educational consultant helping children and young adults who have learning challenges such as Down Syndrome, Aspergers, or Learning Disabilities, receive an opportunity to be “submitted and pitched” like their peers.  Actors between the ages of 3-25 years of age who are deaf, blind or have mobility difficulties and use a wheelchair will be able to submit for consideration for representation to The Linicomn Agency, as well.  As a fluent signer, I can easily communicate with people who use sign language as their primary or secondary modes of communication

Actors can read more about The Linicomn Agency on the website: http://www.TheLinicomnAgency.com

The LA office is slated to open this Winter 2012.  Casting directors and organizations wishing to learn more, please connect via this post

For more information, please feel free to comment here and I’ll email you personally.  ( I have learned not to leave an email in a post or you will be super-spammed)