This year scores of children will hear the school bell ring signaling the end of another school year and the beginning of summer camp season!  While the kids are dreaming of long days with friends playing and having all night fun in their bunks, their parents will be busily preparing their summer wardrobe trunks with hopes that  what clothing and other personal items leave their home will someday return! Thanks to LOVABLE LABELS your child’s belongings have a fighting chance of making their way back to your home! In addition, this award winning company has awesome products, many which are created to keep your child SAFE and organized!

Now I need to tell you that I received the LOVABLE LABELS in a cool multi-pack! ( I even got permission for a GIVEAWAY- so read below to participate! )  Not only were there the camp labels but also tons of colorful ways to place your child’s name and ownership to books, lunch boxes, key chains, luggage tags and much more! Have a child in daycare with lots of “stuff” to label- like boots, coats, lunch box and sippy cups? No problem! LOVBLE LABELS to the rescue as each design can be unique to your child.  Their name on brightly colored press on labels (no miserable tape or sticky stuff here!)

Now here are some very IMPORTANT and LIFE SAVING reasons why LOVABLE LABELS are A+… they have the ability to alert people in your child’s lives as to FOOD and other ALLERGIES! Imagine placing an important WARNING LABEL on your child’s lunch box, school folder or lunch payment card with information about peanut or egg allergies (to name a few!)  If you want you can have these labels personalized to include name and an emergency contact phone number.  Excellent for children who are low or nonverbal, such as with children who have Autism.  The applications of  LOVABLE LABELS are endless!

Enough of my glee with LOVABLE LABLES,  check out the slideshow which spotlights this great product for yourselves! To learn more/ order click HERE. (Come’on you know your curious!)

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary multipack set as part of the LOVABLE LABELS promotion.   I am donating this set to a student in a local shelter. (The name on the labels is A+ STUDENT!)  


  1. Lovable Labels are fantastic, Louise! It’s perfect timing…I was just about to order labels for Daniella. She’s heading off to her second year at sleep-away camp in June. I’d love to be entered in your giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity. I liked Lovable Labels on Facebook. As soon as my follow limit is lifted on twitter – I’ll follow there, too…and tweet!

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