The Art of Moving. Why Winnie the Pooh makes the cut and the furniture doesn’t!

Goodbye Washington DC area and hello Los Angeles.  After 17 years, my hubby and I are moving. It is a bittersweet experience, and I must say that the hardest part is the packing!

The physical labor is one thing. But, the deciding what stays with us and what gets donated or tossed is another. It is as if we are walking through  a memory vault. Which brings me to the box of Winnie the Pooh stuffed animals and books. There are a lot of Winnie the Pooh items in our house. Also, we have loads of children’s books and Barbies! They got priority packing in nice and neat Rubbermaid boxes. With each toy and book I can hear my kids as preschoolers laughing. I can visualize their make-believe play on rainy days.  I can remember the joy that this house brought to our family.

Photo albums also get “presidential treatment”. Each one wrapped again and again and placed in waterproof bins. Each one first being looked at with large quantities of time. Again, evoking memories of long ago and some more recent.

I also have decided that moving is an art form. Now keep in mind we have a full moving service, but I am OCD enough to pack and
unpack my belongings before the “official movers” arrive.  Each box is color coded and photos taken of the contents.  They are labeled with Sharpie pens and then the photos are adhered to the outside of the boxes. Crazy I know! But, I don’t want Winnie the Pooh and Tigger – too getting lost among the dishes.

As for the tired furniture- it goes! Actually it already has gone or is on its’ way to area shelters to help women and families who are victims of domestic violence.

If you have any moving suggestions, please comment below. I can use all the help I can get. 

Thanks for reading!

11 thoughts on “The Art of Moving. Why Winnie the Pooh makes the cut and the furniture doesn’t!

  1. Sounds like you have it down already. I’m like you: totally OCD about moving. It makes things easier on the other side, though! (Unpacking)

    Your post made me both happy and sad. I can’t imagine my kids being gone from the home but there’s another part of me that looks forward to being older & having my children bring their children around. More alone time, more sleep, more time to volunteer and write, etc. Ahh… all in due time.

    We went to an Estate Sale the other day and while there, I found family photo albums in the basement. I went to our friends, who were running the sale, and said, “The extended family members didn’t want their photos? What!?” We pulled the albums aside to give back to them. Like you, family albums and photos would get royal treatment from me… an entire lifetime can be represented in images. Amazing stuff.

    I’m glad your packing is bringing back those happy Preschool memories!

  2. Congratulations on making it out there and on sorting and packing your memorable things. A huge accomplishment! We’ll miss you and the classes you taught. Best to you in your new challenges and keep us posted on-line.
    A good insight about donating the furniture. The old magic box and family photo albums will accompany our move next year; they are already in plastic boxes, but haven’t taken digital pics of the contents yet. Another good thought. As we paint and up-grade we look forward to re-locating near the mountains, but loved your beach photo.

    Take care and put your feet up once in a while.

    Kathy B

  3. For some things that you don’t want to take, but still want memories of, take photos – that way you ‘have the evidence’ but ‘not the bulk’…what will you be doing in California (aside from getting more of a chance to see your daughter)? Safe journey…Terese

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