MOVING… Lessons Learned

If you read my earlier blog about packing to move then you may recall that Hubby and I recently relocated from metro DC to the south shores of Los Angeles. When last reported the move was going smoothly.  However, now that we are moved in and almost all settled, I feel compelled to write a blog as “words of warning” to others.  So, here I go… the names of the actual moving company have been changed so no one gets all “legal” on me.

We contracted MOVING BUSINESS XYZ in order to pack and move our belongings and ship our two cars. My first warning that something would go wrong was when the “assigned person” to our move kept changing.  Not once, not twice but at least three times.

Since I am a bit “anal retentive” I decided to pack my sentimental, mostly non-breakable items myself.  That meant silly tzackos were placed in tons of bubble wrap in Rubbermaid containers.  I left the china and truly valuable breakables (like wedding and baby gifts) to the “official packers”.  WRONG MOVE as after we moved in and started to unpack it became abundantly clear that we were in for a major list of damages.  My Tupperware was keenly packed with tons of paper while my good crystal- not treated as well and SMASHED.  A baby gift to our daughter from my parents arrived in two pieces.  Only one word could describe the carnage – heartache.

So, in order to help others I am writing a list of what I wish I had known…

1- GET SEPARATE MOVING INSURANCE.  For some reason we missed this step. I guess we thought homeowners insurance would do the trick, but no such luck.  According to our nice attorney that we consulted via Legal Shield we were told that unfortunaltely for consumers, the law sides with MOVING BUSINESS XYZ.  They only have to pay 60 cents per pound. Thousands of dollars of damage resulted in much less of a claim for us.

2- PHOTOGRAPH EACH PACKAGE as it is packed. Video what you can of all your goods while the packing is occurring. This is how we remembered what didn’t show up- like tools from our garage.  Also, this is how we knew that a new BLUERAY player was gone and a VCR was placed in its’ box instead.

3- Take all your documents with you to stop any chance of identity theft.

4. Get the names of all your packers, movers and “handlers” – that way if something is wrong- such as credit card charges that you didn’t authorize, you may have a better chance at knowing who is to blame.

I don’t often write negative blogs, as I feel that many people do just that with absolutely no value. But, I hope that you see this more as an educational missive.

Thanks for reading and below is a photo of a local spot near our new home. I guess the aggravation may have been worth it , after all-


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