I don’t usually post about canine products. But, after our dog was diagnosed with panus, an autoimmune condition that effects the eyes, we were sent to locate DOGGLES.  Basically, groovy eyewear for dogs!

Most people are astonished, as were we, that our White German Shepherd, Tess, would tolerate them, let alone keep them on.  But, she did and seems to sport them proudly.

The most interesting part of her having to wear DOGGLES is the reaction of others.  Some just laugh, others are curious and full of questions and a few thought we were being way to “indulgent”.

DOGGLES are easy to locate at

By the way- I received ZERO compensation for this blog or mention of DOGGLES. I just thought others may learn and need such information.

2 thoughts on “DOGGLES

  1. OMGsh….these are way too cool. So stylish! I cannot believe she leaves them on! Who knew that there was such an issue and that there was such a stylish solution! LOVE! ~Wendy

  2. My service dog has doggles and As long as we are outside or a brightly lit area he tolerates them. I mostly make him wear if he is riding with the window down, at the beach or biking apparently the most common way for a dog to injure their eye is from flying debris when riding in a car or running. Doggles are simply the best!!

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