Discover the Mission of San Juan Capistrano

Today I spent a glorious morning with a friend at the Mission of San Juan Capistrano.  Located in Orange County, minutes from I-5 and the beaches, this is a little slice of heaven.  San Juan Capistrano is known for the annual flight of the swallows, but also for this distinguished mission which dates back to 1775.  The Mission itself has a deep history which you can read on their website. I love a great historical site, but for me today was all about the photography.

What fascinates me about this Mission is how the architecture, including the famous bells, are juxtapose with sublime gardens.  A photographers dream landscape. Also, the gardens are tended by volunteers , aptly named Gardening Angels – who today were especially helpful in teaching me the names of flowers and plants indigenous to my new Southern California home.

If you have a few spare moments, walk the rest of the town and check out the coffee shop near the train tracks and petting zoo.

Lastly, don’t forget your camera!

To learn more about the Mission of San Juan Capistrano click HERE

For information about the mission throughout California, click HERE

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  1. Louise, the pictures are gorgeous! I was there before! In 4th grade…our class took a field trip. It’s just as I remember it, except for the flowers! Beautiful! Funny how we have been in the same places, just at different times! Thanks for the trip down memory lane! O.C. is where I spent some of my early years!

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