Peacock Pottery is PERFECT for Empty Nesters!

Ok- after nearly two years of denial I will admit that hubby and I are officially empty nesters.  I know this to be true as I am busy packing up our DC area house to head west to a new residence and opportunity in California.  When one packs up nearly 20 years of “life” it is hard not to keep everything and anything.  I managed to toss and donate a fair amount, but one thing that was non-negotiable was my pottery collection.

My most recent edition was a great baking dish from the collection of  Peacock Pottery.  They specialize in pottery imported from Poland and it is BEAUTIFUL!  They sent me a great sample of their amazing pottery and asked me to use it in a very practical and day to day manner.  So, I made a lot of “meals for two” using this fun size pottery. I loved that it was small enough for our larger sized toaster oven and didn’t need to have me fire up the big oven for our dinner. But, make no mistake, this is a great piece of pottery and certainly not for “easy bake ovens”!

What did I make? The first night I made a combo of chicken, stuffing, vegetables and CRAISINS. ( I really do love the “craisin”).  It baked up like a charm! I was able to put all the ingredients together in to the single dish and bake for about 30 minutes. (I used precooked chicken- yes I “cheat” when I am busy packing).

Secondly, I used the dish for some homemade brownies with white chocolate chips.  YUMMY!!  (Also, I found that the dish was great for reheating, too!)

Best of all this quality pottery is easy to wash, microwave, put in the fridge and even use as a decorative piece. I have given several other Peacock Pottery pieces as gifts. The serving bowls were a hit with my daughter and the Christmas ornaments made for lovely gifts for friends.

To see for yourself all the great Peacock Pottery offerings click HERE

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Have a great day or as they say in Polish: Mieć wielki dzień


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