Guest Post by Wendy Young of Kidlutions

Next week I will finally get to meet and greet my friend and colleague from 411 VOICESWendy Young. This dynamo founded one of the premiere mental health sites for families- KIDLUTIONS.  This week I snatched from blog this article Wendy wrote about our joint presentation at the  Michigan Associaiton for the Education of Young Children’s 2012 Conference, 

Thanks to Wendy for a great article!  

Also, feel free to check out SIGNING FAMILIES  for our I WANT, I FEEL CHART to help children express their feelings with sign language

Calming the Angry Child

If you happen to be in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area for the Michigan Associaiton for the Education of Young Children’s 2012 Conference, I hope you will drop by and see Louise Sattler, of Signing Families, and me.  We will be presenting an engaging workshop about calming the angry child.  Louise is one of my BFFs on twitter/facebook and 411 Voices, and we finally get to meet each other for this one-time only training!  Laugh and learn in this unprecedented event!
It will be a workshop event unlike any other you have been part of!
If you are unable to join us, be sure to check out Kidlution’s resources in our Anger Toolbox for Kids!
Articles that help kids deal with feelings:

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