Hang’in with My Tweeps

I know that thousands of people use Twitter everyday.  And they “follow” people who have like interests, fun tweets or are “somebody famous”.  As a person who tends to follow more than be “followed” (what can I say I am friendly)… it was a pleasure to meet a number of tweeps on my recent trip to California.

I had a great time learning about Caring.com (an organization to assist people who are caregivers to their aging family members) from @SmileyChica (Denise Graab).  What fun we had hang’in out in San Fransisco at a classic 50’s diner..

Then I got to meet my pals from Education.com (@JustAskEdu and Education_Com).  These two gals (Kat Eden and Alex Bickerly) have energy to spare! And the work they do on behalf of students, teachers and parents worldwide is exceptional.  We broke bread with a “fellow” JustAsk contributor, Annie Fox (@Annie_Fox).  I must admit we all had more then our share of belly laughs over platefuls of yummy food!! And we managed to get some serious idea exchange during dinner, too.  The best part of Twitter is that there seems to be a continuous ebb and flow of ideas and biz support among those who you learn to trust and respect.  (We all agreed that “brain suckers” are not worth the follow- these “what’s in it for me tweeps ” can stay away from my twitter stream.)

I was so amused by @BabyStayAsleep (Beth Gagne).  She is so full of festivity that I couldn’t help but feel that I met my San Fran twin! BTW- her product is brilliant.  As is the one that was demonstrated at MACWORLD- the Papershow.  @Assistivetek (Brian Friedlander) made a splash with his demos and videos! Bravo to all at Macworld… And thanks to @CoachBrilliance (Astrid Stomberg) for brightening a dreary rainy day by bringing her gorgeous daughter to meet and greet me!

After five wonderful days at MacWorld, I left San Fransisco and traveled a little south to meet the gang from the Chronicles of EMS (@ChronicalesofEMS).  These friends know how to make a non-EMS person very welcome, especially in the pouring rain!  Thanks to @SamBradley11 and @Setla (Ted) I was fortunate enough always to have a warm cup of java in my hand.  @TheHappyMedic (Justin Schorr) kept me laughing through the taping of the three segments of the Chronicles of EMS breakout show- A Seat at the Table. We loved chatting about communication including sign language and I even got to mention on the air some of my fave communicators including @CodaWann (CallVRS- Keith Wann) and #CansonPapershow.

My twitter road trip ended in Southern California where I got to switch from ASL to Spanish with @Momtomadre.   Connie Goldin is one dynamic lady and I must admit that I enjoyed playing “musical chairs” with her so she could have her shade and I my sunshine! I look forward to our continued brainstorming of future projects.  And it has been a blast shopping, dining and laughing with my favorite gal-pal,  mi hija, @NatashaSattler.  I am amazed how much she has accomplished in such a short time since she moved to LA.  Auditions, new headshots and filming!

I leave California in 12 hours and will be welcomed at LAX by #SWA (Southwest Airlines).

It sure has been nice tweeting all my new tweeps.  And if ever you doubted the power of Twitter or social media in general – well, I believe that I am one of many success stories as to why entrepreneurs need to network with others.  However, one must adhere to a few important rules- give more than you take, play nice, don’t stalk and be constructive – not negative.  These rules of course are #IMHO*

TTYL.  And thanks for the #FF**

*In my humble opinion.

** Either Friend Follow or Friday Follow….depends on who is using it and what day

5 thoughts on “Hang’in with My Tweeps

  1. Here is something I have told Shara @MommyPerks several times: “Can you be friends with someone you never even met? YES! On twitter, you can!”

    Glad you had such a great time and got to meet so many great tweeps while you were out in my old stompin’ grounds of sunny CA! Hope you waved “hi” to my brother, too!

    Wendy =)

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