Twitter Charity Scarf Update!

The Twitter Charity Scarf Campaign which I started about three weeks ago to spotlight great causes while showing off my new scarf collections (thanks to thyroid cancer surgery) has been a huge success!  FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER as @LouiseASL

Here is an updated list of contributors:

Contributors to the Twitter Charity Scarf Campaign: – already featured and will be back again with Personal Child Stories / Signing Families combo (my charity TBA)

Ficklets – featured and donated to Angels for Epilepsy

Chronicles of EMS – Soon to be featured thanks to Sam Bradley who is busy knitting a scarf!

The Boys Store – Featured this week with donation going to LUC RANCH

Peacock Pottery – TBA

Kidlutions – already featured with charitable donation going to a local Michigan kids cause

Baby Stay Asleep -TBA- coming up very soon

Parenting SPD

Mommy On A Shoe String- Beth Engleman and Jenna Rigg are the fab duo known as Mommy On a Shoestring!

Pearl Girls – Margaret McSweeney reminds women of all ages of their worth and value in our world through Pearl Girls! Thanks to Denise Graab for adding this group which support caregivers.  Their donation (with an announcement about matched gifts to follow) is  the Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Research Foundation Two million visitors a month search this amazing website- join them! A non-profit organization which helps bilingual-bicultural families locally in Southern California and throughout the  world via their website.

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