I love weeks like this one.  Busy, busy, busy…….First on my “to do” list- attend MACWORLD in San Fran… (swag me baby!)

This is the week I get to be an AMBASSADOR!  I always wanted to be an ambassador and the fact that the company which I represent is FRENCH is so much better!  CANSONPAPERSHOW is way cool and groovy- very high praise coming from moi! Deaf friends stop by…. I’ll be signing up a storm for y’all to see.  Both 1001! PAH!

Now check out the video for yourself which I will post at the bottom of this post.  Please watch and COMMENT… I love comments… tell me what you think…

Next reason for me to be packing a bag that weighs exactly 49 pounds and 15 ounces (no overcharge for me!)-is that I will be  filming a really cool video for the CHRONICLES of EMS series- A Seat at the Table. I was invited to help this amazing group of people tape a series about EMTs assisting children and adults with special considerations. In other words… how to help a child with autism during a crisis or what basic signs to use if a person who is in  need of medical assistance is deaf?  If curious, please check out their websites listed here AND follow them on TWITTER as #CoEMS and @setla.

Stop #3 on the “Louise overpays for gas throughout California Tour” will be my  visit with mi hija, Natasha.  After wanting to become a California resident/ working actor, Natasha is finally realizing her dream and “going for it”.  She is busy with master acting classes, getting new headshots with a  team that is suppose to be super (Theo and Juliet) and gearing up for PILOT SEASON.  Now for all of you who don’t speak “actor”- PILOT SEASON is when hordes of actors and “wanna be actors” rush to HOLLYWOOD for a few months and try their best to get auditions for upcoming TV pilots with the hopes of scoring a long term gig.  Now, Natasha knows that she needs to steer clear of  the infamous OAKWOOD apartments where you can rent by the week and loads of child actors with parents are hanging out February until April.  For my kiddo this is not a “few month thing”.. she has longed saved to make LA her home and is dedicating 100% of her time to being a working actor.  She is sporting union cards and isn’t afraid to use them!  So, stay tuned because I will be shamelessly plugging her upcoming endeavors.  Which will start with her soon to be released movie- LEBANON-PA where she has the supporting lead role with Josh Hopkins, Samantha Mathis and Rachel Kinston.  See her reel and a scenes from the movie on And if you are a talent agent or casting director I really hope that you are hiring petite red heads with green eyes and a sense of humor.  She also is new to TWITTER so follow her: @NatashaSattler

Lastly,  The Twitter Charity Scarf Campaign is going really well!  I have been swapping my avatar every day or two in order to maximize exposure for great causes.  To read more about what the heck is the TWITTER CHARITY SCARF CAMPAIGN see the post before this one or click here. AND check out the newest avatar for @LouiseASL sponsored  by a groovy eye-wear company- FICKLETS

FICKLETS owner, Ros Guerrero, wrote the following about her charitable organization of choice, ANGELS for EPILEPSY:

They were also winners of the 2010 Pepsi Grant Program – $5000. They provide gifts to children in hospitals undergoing treatment for epilepsy. The organization/mission is near & dear to my heart for a couple reasons:
-my daughter, Gem, suffered from seizures & was on medication for many years related to her mental disability.
-worked with the founder/blogger, Judy Joyce, for a couple years now & have developed a strong friendship. Incidentally, Judy started the non-profit program due to her daughter who also suffers from epilepsy.
Here come the photos and video…. thanks for reading and watching…..


  1. Dear Louise;I love your web site and articles.This is Abrielle Mullins grand dad.I appreciate what you had to say about her.Go to her web site.It’s Abrielle is doing really good.Thanks,Steve

  2. Louise, I can hardly wait a few more days till the Mac World show and our Seat at the Table episode. I’ve enjoyed talking to you and we welcome your expertise in helping educate EMS providers. I loved the Canson video – the product is awesome! Can’t wait to see it in action (and you as well … I should review some of my signs, eh?) I’ll be working on that scarf for you!


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