Twitter Charity Scarf!

Note since posting this blog entry less than a day ago I have had an overwhelming response.  Come join our party and see the definite contributors are listed below.

Here are the first two photos of  the Twitter Charity Scarf Campaign. donated to a Pine, Arizona- Justice McNeeley Foundation-  charity in order to help children who do not have medical coverage donated to to help children with cancer.

Here are the photos with others to be added soon!




Hello Friends,

First the Disclaimer:  This post involves Twitter-speak… If you need a help with deciphering twitter-speak please feel free to check it out here: TWITTER EXPLAINED

Let’s get the party started.…I have decided to follow the course of my dear pal, Shara Lawrence- Weiss from MOMMYPERKS.COM and wear scarves with business logos on them in an attempt to raise funds and awareness for charity.  Shara summed it best when she wore TWITTER HATS here–>

Basically, a business can ship me a scarf with their logo or I can photoshop their logo on to a scarf and snap a photo of myself wearing it.  Then we show the photo on TWITTER for a few days.  The business gets some cheap PR, recognition for doing good deeds for the community on a very user friendly and well known social media site- TWITTER,  and I get to have the warm fuzzies attributed with turning my thryoid cancer in to something good.  I believe my good friends would call that a MITZVAH.

So, if you wish to promote your family friendly company by sending to me a scarf or a logo then it would be my pleasure to wear it and show all on TWITTER. Keep in mind that your end of the “deal” is to first make a charitable donation to a cause near and dear to your heart. (When I sponsored Shara’s Twitter Hat I donated to Project Nadine for deaf literacy and mentorship) In turn, I will announce your charity of choice as part of my tweet-a-thon for your business.  The donations can be as little as $18 (which in Judaism signifies the letter CHAI which means LIFE) or as much as you wish.  I promise to be creative and make it fun for all.  And when all is said and done I will donate the scarves that I receive to charity in the Baltimore- Washington area.  I will be sure to list all the contributors but not how much you contributed.  The goals is to donate AND create awareness to worthwhile organizations.  Also, note that I will accept only 20 donations at this time.  So, please email me first for a twitter charity scarf “spot”.

If you are “in” and want to share the warm fuzzy- then please email me at

If you are fuzzy on the details email me too….

And if you still don’t know anything about TWITTER.. well….. can’t help ya.

Thanks for reading!


aka.. “The Cancer Warrior Goddess”

Contributors to the Twitter Charity Scarf Campaign:


Chronicles of EMS

The Boys Store

Peacock Pottery


Baby Stay Asleep

Parenting SPD

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