Can a Prescription for Chocolate, Italian Ices and Laughter be Bad for You?

Hello and thanks to all who follow this blog and have been of tremendous support during the past weeks of my new role as “Cancer Warrior Goddess”.   I am pleased to announce that my self prescribed usage for medicinal purposes of  chocolate, italian ices and laughter were just the right ingredients to kill off enough cancer cells to make me up and running again.  I simply need to swallow some hi- test nuclear gizmo to eradicate whatever little varmints are left in a couple of months. With any amount of luck (and chocolate) I will be making the Cancer Free Victory Dance sometime in late Spring!

Anyway, back to my “prescriptive” care.  For the first time in my life I have given myself permission to eat as much chocolate as I want.  I lost weight this week.  Evidently if you balance a diet of chocolate with italian water ices then you have a sound and effective diet plan.  Laugh while chewing and you are really burning calories by the dozens.

I also found out some other funny stuff this week.  Since, I have a hoarse voice (post surgery complication to subside in a few more days)… I have resorted to signing more.  No biggie in this family.  Also, I whisper to those who don’t sign when my voice is really hoarse.  Now I need to ask….why do people insist on fake signing or whispering back?  I think it is hysterical to watch this set of human behavior.  Whole teams of doctors and nurses trying to “fake” sign is a riot!  Especially when you understand ASL and can “read” what nonsense they are “saying”.

And lastly, I found out the “junior doctors” are adorable and quirky.  Earlier  this week I had a post op appointment with my Senior Top Doc, Junior Doc and two “wanna be, but not fully there yet- docs” (notice they are docs with a little “d”).  The two wanna be docs didn’t say a word.  I don’t think they blinked either.  Somehow they looked scared but ended up following Senior Top Doc … Hmmmm.  Anyway- back to why Junior Docs are adorable… my Junior Doc had weird terminology and “explanations” of my symptoms.  For example, when I described post surgical neck pain he answered, “Feels like you have been hit by lightening?”.  Well, let me think about this.  How many patients, who also have thyroid cancer, ALSO are hit by lightening and come to this practice?  Please tell me that “Thyca” is not a prerequisite to being hit by a thunderbolt!  When I suggested that the pain was more like a spasm and perhaps the feeling of a “bee sting” he thought that was by far a better explanation.  I guess a course in “descriptive terms of patient symptoms that are acceptable, relatable and actually possible” should be added to Junior Doc’s curriculum.  I can only hope.  If not, I may slip him a few “key phrases” hidden in a chocolate wrapper.

Have a great day and thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Can a Prescription for Chocolate, Italian Ices and Laughter be Bad for You?

  1. Fake Sign? LOL. Funny.

    I love chocolate and Italian ices. I just both BOTH yesterday. Small world 🙂

    And laughter? That’s a daily RX for me…

    Glad you are doing well, Louise! You seem in high spirits.

  2. Chocolate I can do…no problem;not a hardship to me at all. Never had the Italian Ice…but I’ve heard good things. laughter, I try to include that as preventative medicine daily. Sounds like you know how to do things right Louise. Maybe you should be the doctor…dispensing that kind of treatment just might make you the most popular doctor around! 🙂 Carry on!

  3. Oh, I knew I liked your style! You obviously have fine taste when it comes to gustatory delights…and I would dine with you just about anywhere. Wow…you should package that diet. Chocolate, Italian Ice AND weight loss? Never before have the three been murmured in the same sentence. Not until Louise added her special ingredient, of course! Laughter! Turns out that was the key all along. Who knew!

    Healing vibes still sent to you on a daily basis!

    Hugs, Wendy

  4. I love the idea of the doctors and nurses fake signing. I wear two hearing aids and I don’t sign (should learn, I know). I find it amusing when I’m changing a battery and I ask people to wait because I’m down one ear, but they keep on talking. Ahem, I can’t hear you OR read your lips while I’m digging in my purse for a battery!

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