Tess and Louise Make a Video.. just in time for the GOLDEN GLOBES!

Hello everyone!  I am writing to you on the eve of my FAVORITE AWARD show night.. The GOLDEN GLOBES!! I thought this was the perfect night to unveil my newest video production. My wardrobe was brought to you directly from the big buckets/ baskets/ drawers of scarves I have been collecting.  I also am making this video from a request from the nice folks at ...IAMTHEFACEOFTHYROID DISEASE.org Evidently, they are huge in TWITTERVILLE and found me and this blog when I started tweeting about Thyroid Cancer.

I was asked to make a simple video about being one of  the “faces of thyroid disease”.  I do nothing simple.  Except cook.  Therefore, I decided to video in ASL with captioning for those who can’t “read” sign language.  I tried to include Tess, our deaf White German Shepherd in the video, but she was uncooperative for the second segment of the video and bailed. She must have found out that the Golden Globe red carpet parade was beginning.

Anyway, please enjoy increasing your awareness of thyroid disease and ASL.  And if nothing else you can admire my gift from gal-pal, Wendy Young from Kidlutions. Her beautiful scarf is adorning my neck and hiding the remnants of my cancer warrior goddess scar.  Well, gotta go.   Tess is holding a seat for me. I guess it is cereal night as we did not receive a real Golden Globe invite.  Anyway-looks like Natalie Portman may be favored to take home a trophy tonight!

3 thoughts on “Tess and Louise Make a Video.. just in time for the GOLDEN GLOBES!

  1. You make me smile Louise. I can’t help it… you are a natural teacher with a passion for people and knowledge. Thank you for all that you do for others; in every area that you have impact.

  2. Louise…it is so nice to “see” you! You look so radiant and healthy…and that makes my heart smile. I LOVE the scarf…you are rockin’ it, girl! Ellie will love to see this tomorrow.

    Most of all, I am proud of you for using your platform to help inform others and reach out to both hearing and non-hearing communities about thyroid cancer!


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