You May Want to Gift These Books with a Suitcase!

I love it when a preschool – early reader series can teach basic skills, such as counting or the alphabet by using an engaging method – thanks to colorful illustrations and interactive storytelling! Add the bonus of an early geography lesson or two and I declare this series a winner! Yes – the ABC PRIMER and LET’S COUNT compilations of books offered by FAMILIUS publishing indeed were winners!

I received a number of books from Familius’ catalog – focusing on the Southwest and Pacific Northwest of the United States. The first thing I noticed was the quality of the books. They were very sturdy and the bright colors really caught my eye. Inside the authors used clever associations of letters and alphabets to highlight fascinating places within the states of Utah, Arizona, California, and Oregon. Readers can learn about prickly pears that adorn Arizona, the avocados and redwoods of California, the arches and other land formations such as Zion, in Utah, and the Portland Rose Festival and seashores of Oregon. Yes indeed – fundamental skills are taught within the pages of these primer readers.

For the slightly older reader, the publisher offers 10 Little Monsters series with many state titles available. I asked to review the California book and they obliged. The author, Jess Smart Smiley must love to travel the Golden State as she picked many locations that are my California favorites, too! From the Redwood Forest to the San Diego Zoo- this book includes many interesting facts that families’ can read and learn – TOGETHER! Plus, maybe it meets the California curriculum requirements for learning about state history and geography at the elementary level?!

As an educator, I truly enjoy these books and I bet many teachers will immediately love them, as well! The authors and illustrators have taken great care to present the materials. I predict that many educators will use them as resources to create interactive learning opportunities within their classroom and virtual setting!

For example, I can imagine a teacher assigning each student a different state book to read. Then they are given an opportunity to share by playing the role of “teacher”. Or extend student learning with videos from National Geographic or state-promoted websites such as I would love to see the artwork that students create after learning about the Grand Canyon or other natural wonders in the United States!

(See below for more educational websites that would be great supplements to learning for younger children about the United States).

Are you a roving home educator who uses the highways as their classroom – “RV Style”? These books are worth the room in the vehicle and super for sharing and trading with new friends you meet on the road!

And, for all parents and educators who love to travel – consider these books as a perfect gift (just add a suitcase!)

Happy Reading!

Supplemental information:

National Geographic Interactive Learning kit: – The National Parks system in the United States

I received complimentary copies of the books that will be shared with others. I was not given any monetary compensation. The views expressed within this blog are my own.

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