ALLEGRO! An enchanting interactive book about classical maestros and their musical masterpieces! (Includes video, Beginner readers)

I can’t say enough positives about this enchanting juvenile literary work – ALLEGRO! Mostly because it introduces classical music to youngsters in the most engaging manner! David Miles (author) and Anita Barghigiani (illustrator) mesh to form the perfect duo to produce quite simply – a masterpiece!

Your early reader can learn about classical music through the story of a child discovering his passion for the arts through the great masters. This book is CLEVER with necessary repetition that is not at all tedious. For example, the first time a composer (such as Beethoven, Mozart, Debussy, etc.) is introduced is via a short biography on the inside cover then once more as an illustration that appears embedded in the story itself. The same composers are seen again on the back pages with explanations about each maestro . This additional content is a very unique instructional extension that allows a child to go more in-depth with learning and vocabulary building. Lastly, on the sidebar, a child can press samples of musical compositions over and over again. There are many to choose from and each one has a very soft melodic sound vs. the cheap “tin” noise often hear in audio books for kids.

as an interactive musical piece

I could go on and on about this book. But, I won’t. Why? Because it is INTERACTIVE and I believe it best to describe ALLEGRO not with words but with a video. Please watch and consider this the perfect gift to inspire the children in your life about the beauty of music. And for our children who are Deaf or have hearing loss, the illustrations are magnificent and the accompanying stories are very much worth having the book, sans the audio. Also, there is some vibration through the speaker.

(Side note: Classical music has been proven to help learning and concentration in young and older students!.)

To learn more the about the authors and how to obtain a copy of this fantastic book: ALLEGRO: A Magical Journey Through Musical Masterpieces go here.

The official description by the publisher:

Classical music comes to life like never before in this magical journey through 11 timeless compositions. Meet Allegro, an ordinary boy who can’t stand practicing the piano. Those black dots on the page drive him crazy—until the music itself whisks him away on a breathtaking journey. Each beautifully illustrated scene on Allegro’s journey is accompanied by a famous classical theme that can be played with the press of a button. Hear Grieg’s “Morning Mood” while meandering through a misty meadow, Dvorak’s “New World Symphony” while exploring uncharted lands, Debussy’s “Claire de Lune” while pondering a shimmering night sky, and 7 more! Beautiful gold foil, lavish illustrations, and high-quality sound make this a musical masterpiece to treasure forever. 

Suggested retail price$24.95

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I received a copy from the publisher FAMILIUS. However, the opinions are my own and absolutely no monetary compensation was received. #Ambassador

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