The Manhattan Transfer Story

We are living in an era where we, the boomer generation, want to preserve the music that has been the soundtrack of our lives. This year alone we had biopic movies about Freddie Mercury (Bohemian Rhapsody) and Elton John (Rocketman). Now we have an opportunity to have another – The Manhattan Transfer, a vocal jazz quartet with an addictive sound, are about to have their story chronicled in the documentary film: The Manhattan Transfer Story.

“An intimate, inside look at the nearly 50-year journey of the most significant vocal harmony group in the history of modern music!”

If you are asking, “Who are the Manhattan Transfer?”, then you are younger than Apple Computers! For those of us who remember the harmonies of this foursome, you will know that when they start to sing – magic happens!

Below is a snapshot video of a famous moment of this group at the Grammy Awards accompanied by the incomparable Ella Fitzgerald.

Luckily, there are forward thinkers amongst us who want to preserve the music of The Manhattan Transfer by creating a “living vault” of their music and performances. After all, the group have collaborated with so many of the world’s greatest musicians including Jon Hendricks, Smokey Robinson, The Count Basie Orchestra, Chick Corea, Frankie Valli, Bobby McFerrin, Take 6, Weather Report and of course, the aforementioned, Ella Fitzgerald. Plus, they have won 11 Grammys and recorded over 30 albums!

Not many musical groups can lay claim to 11 GRAMMYS and 30 ALBUMS! But the TRANSFER HAVE! (Yes, it was worth repeating!)

The initiative to bring the “Transfers” story to all is taking place RIGHT NOW and being fueled by fans who are contributing to their Kickstarter effort.

I found this explanation on their Kickstarter page to be so poignant and worth sharing:

We are so grateful that The Transfer is opening up their vaults to hours of rare performances and never before seen backstage footage that will completely knock your socks off. It is our mission to bring it all to you...It’s a story that cries out to be told and preserved on film for the ages.

~The Filmmakers

Now, every Kickstarter program I have become involved with has spotlighted interesting people who have made exceptional contributions to our world. The Transfer are of no exception. Plus, their story has a few “surprises” which will be revealed in this new film.

It’s a backstage musical, a family drama, a tale about an incredible array of fascinating characters and their complex relationships, and ultimately a story of love. Plus, it will be packed with great musical performances by the Transfer and their musical influences.

~Miles Mogulescu

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