Please, excuse my ramblings … but, I am pissed

I am pissed. (Sorry Mom, but I have to use this strong language)

I am pissed because our children are being bullied by the very people who should be protecting them, encouraging them and nurturing their endeavors. Who should be seeing that the futures of our youth are as bright as the sun and not dark as a storm looming.

I am pissed because we now live in a society where the children need to act as leaders and the leaders are acting like spoiled and bratty children.

I am pissed because teachers who walk in to schools every day to accomplish one goal… give each of their student’s the best education possible against all odds – now are being asked to engage in gun fights. Seriously! Are we the wild, wild west?!

I am pissed because when I travel abroad people ask me if I am embarrassed to be a citizen of the United States because of our leaders’ obvious lack of common sense and good judgment?!

I am pissed because our leaders are adding to the problem by deflecting blame versus putting their high paid education to use and creating sensible solutions.

I am pissed because our leaders are not doing their job by enacting any semblance of a comprehensive and well thought out plan, but act like the “Keystone Cops” with methods of bullying and worse.

I am pissed because I work in social media with the goal to use it to make a positive difference in the world, while others may be using it for destructive reasons. Anyone who works in social media and understands its’ power will tell you that some conversations are best left OFF the Twitterfeed and BEST to be done IRL (in real life).

I am pissed because my dear friend has to live a “new normal” – knowing that each day she and her daughter will remember how a shooter nearly took this young innocent teen’s life and succeeded in taking the lives of 17 of her classmates, including close friends.

I am pissed that children throughout our world go to bed and have nightmares that aren’t “bad dreams” but are due to their daytime reality.

I am pissed that the problems of our communities, country and world are so enormous that we don’t even know where to begin to make it better.

But… perhaps I am hopeful that the youth of our world may just have the answers that the adults in our world have refused to accept. So, I look forward to the day when each of these amazing kids can VOTE and get the naysayers who believe that their views are the only views OUT OF OFFICE and make their sentiments as obsolete as the negative and non-inclusive principles they cling to.

Until then… I just may remain pissed.


#EducationMatters #TeenVoicesCount

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