Countdown to the Hollywood Award Season – My predictions have nothing to do with the films.

This weekend will be the “official start” of the Hollywood award season as the Golden Globes will bring together elite actors and filmmakers from television and film. I always have loved award season, but I predict that this one will be very different with less cause for celebration and more focus on political and social action.

Over the past year, we have witnessed movie producers, filmmakers, television host personalities, movie actors, musical artists and other “heroes’ fall from grace.  Their legacy of work now overshadowed (and rightly so) by their irresponsible and heinous history of abuse and harassment towards others. Many of these “alleged” predators often occupied prime “real estate” during award shows and this year won’t even make the invitation list. And to add salt to the already wounded – the victims are probably going to be re victimized again during the weeks and months to come.

But it is Hollywood… is it really that surprising?

Of course, when compared to other more severe issues around the world, some may say that an award season that  may resemble a solemn event vs. one of fanfare is simply a “first world problem”.  However, I disagree. The reasons why I predict a contentious and tense award season is simply not to be dismissed. Sexual abuse and harassment in the workplace, film industry, etc. is prevalent and finally this “plague” is  out in the open and the center of discourse worldwide. We finally get a chance to press “reset” and start on a new course of how we treat each other in the workplace, our schools, places of worship, on the set, and in our homes.  Period.

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I won’t name names of who are the purported offenders.  You have seen them in the paper, online or heard their names.   I don’t have that kind of time or space on my blog as the list is too long and reads like a “who’s who” of the most powerful or popular in recent living history.   All I know is that my heart broke when Bill Cosby was purported to have conducted heinous acts against women who he supposedly placed in vulnerable circumstances.  My heart continues to ache as I hear more and more stories.  I find myself yelling at the TV or computer – SHAME ON YOU! My fear – I will continue to have this visceral behavior throughout “award season”.

So while I will be curious who graces the red carpet this year… I won’t expect the conversation to be light and frivolous.  And, if you too are a voyeur of the red carpets and post-show interviews – join me on Twitter as @LouiseASL.  Let’s keep the convo flowing and try to make sense of the crazy.

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