How I became “inducted” into FRIENDS OF RICKI (FOR)!

I moved to California almost five months ago. During that time I have had many unexpected opportunities come my way. None more surprising than becoming involved with a social media group for the new RICKI LAKE SHOW.   It all started when Britt Michaelian, my 411 VOICES co-founder,  introduced me to a few tweeps via #FriendsofRicki.  She encouraged me to upload a video on to their FACEBOOK as they were looking for pitch ideas for the show.. So, I did.  You can view my initial video   here.

Before you knew it, I was being spotlighted as FRIEND OF THE WEEK.  And, that my friends started the ball rolling and my formal “induction” in to the FRIENDS OF RICKI (FOR) community!

This is what I do KNOW about being a FOR.  First, you get to come to see the tapings of the show as a VIP.  Cool right!  I even got to bring my mom! I also get to have a voice, through open pitch meetings, writing for the online Ricki Lake Show website and much more.  The women at 411 VOICES  have been very supportive of the Friends of Ricki social media efforts by giving much  of their TWITTER-LOVE and online support!

The best part of being  part of the FOR cadre are the friendships and connections you make.  From chatting with Ricki Lake, herself to meeting and dining with amazing folks via the Ricki Lake MeetUps (which are now available nationwide).  I believe that I may have made some friends “for life” thanks to TEAM RICKI!

Here is how you can become a FRIEND of RICKI, too!

On TWITTER simply tweet with the hashtag #friendsofricki

Go to the website for more connections THE RICKI LAKE SHOW WEBSITE


 Below are some photos from various events for FRIENDS OF RICKI..

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