AH AH … some things are best left unexplained

Sometimes children will latch on to a favorite toy or stuffed animal.  This item will help alleviate concern with doctor’s visits, be instrumental in going to sleep and provide hours of entertainment.  A psychologist may call this a “transition object”.  I am a Psychologist and call if a “lovey”.  Our daughter had, ABU- a very worn but much loved Mickey Mouse. Our son had “BIG BEAR” – who by the way lived up to his name and was huge!  The little boy in the video below had AH AH – his stuffed blue monkey.

This story will demonstrate that there are so many things in life that are often unexplainable, but meant to be.  Enjoy the video.  Many have  (over 400 thousand to date)… but, be warned.. Kleenex needed!

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