Would you rather be SMART or LUCKY?



“Would you rather be smart or lucky?”, I was asked by a cameraman who was shooting some video last week of Beth Engeleman and myself. Hmmm.  That is a loaded question, I thought!  At first I blurted out, “LUCKY!” – as I have already thought that I have had an enormous amount of luck in my life.  It is fate/luck that born me in to a family that was able to provide, nurture and love me.  Some people are not that “lucky”.  Then I thought again and of course changed to “SMART”.  I guess I was contemplating that some circumstances are due to good planning and education – and that takes “smarts”.

Days later I am back to vacillating on the answer…. URGH!! So my readers, let me pose the question to YOU… If given a choice would you rather be SMART or LUCKY.  Keep in mind this is a choice.  Can’t wait to read your comments.  By the way – Beth couldn’t decide either!


8 thoughts on “Would you rather be SMART or LUCKY?

  1. I’d rather be smart. People who are smart and not just lucky appreciate opportunities more. If you’re lucky, you may get an amazing opportunity. If you’re smart, you will seek out amazing opportunities, recognize them for what they are, and utilize them to the best of your ability, so that you maximize the experience.

  2. Well, I know smart people who need to be luckier and I know lucky people who need to be smarter. In times of real crisis, sometimes being smart is not enough and you need luck. For everyday encounters, I’d probably rely more on my smarts. It’s possible, luck or intelligence will yield equal degrees of success in ones life. But if I want to give credit to my success in life, I’d prefer to given credit to my intelligence. I think more people respect being intelligence, than being lucky. Unless you’re in Vegas. There, luck is all that matters and if you have luck, your on top of the world and everyone loves you. So, my long winded answer is I don’t know. I know this much, I hope to be smart enough when I need to be smart and I hope to be lucky enough when I need to be lucky.

  3. I like all the answers.
    I too would rather be smart than lucky. You can be lucky some of the time, but never all of the time. To me, Lucky is just lucky, but if Smart, then you see every chance you’ve got and make the most of it but if worse come to worst, you just might happen to be lucky too to boot!

    But … put on the spot I would probably have blurted out “lucky!”

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