Four Actors, Four Stories

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Today I have the privilege to interview four up and coming talent who are represented by THE LINICOMN AGENCY.  Not newbies. Not seasoned. These up and coming actors are savvy, smart, full of acting chops and raring to go! Listen to their stories and perhaps consider them for your next casting. (Connect via



Without further adieu.. meet Erica Taylor, Alex Ortiz, Britanni Johnson and Allison Victoria!

4 thoughts on “Four Actors, Four Stories

  1. I wish luck to Alex Ortiz who was an extra on Glee.

    and also in movies In Time and The Muppets Movie.

    Hope the best for him in all he does.
    I’m from Texas. Break a Leg Alex!!!

    1. Please do not sell/ distribute my email address
      to anyone due to privacy and spam concerns. I
      hate spam. I wrote the two above comments.
      Thank Tou.

  2. Hello this is a fan again. I would like to apologize on my
    error. I mean to say Good Luck to actor Alex Ortiz. I said
    extra twice by mistake lol! He was an extra at one time.
    Anyways I hope he’s not offended.It was an honest mistake.
    Not demeaning intended. We are proud of Mr.Ortiz here
    in Tx, And we support him all the way.
    Break a leg Alex!! We love you. Best Of Everything!
    Sincerely,A huge fan of acting from Good ole Texas!

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