GoGoKABONGO – Improving Reading Skills with Early and Struggling Readers

WARNING:  I am really enthusiastic about GoGoKABONGO and this blog may make you become really motivated to learn more about  how one great company sets the tone for the world of online educational gaming!  Proceed with caution!


I find it my job to search out and review companies that develop products and services that promote learning.  I consider it my “responsibility”, especially since I write as an expert for JustAsk on Education.com.  When I see a product/service that targets essential tools to master development and can translate in to classroom success – I jump for joy!  Such is the case with the child’s online game – GoGoKABONGO!

The company KABONGO is STEALTH!  On a single website they actively engage younger elementary aged kids to learn skills that are necessary for reading and writing readiness and more. In fact, their learning skills chart reads like a checklist for classroom teachers when designing lesson plans in order to assure language arts and reading skills are mastered!

Imagine your child enhancing memory, attending,  decoding and motor planning all with online GAMING! I told you they were stealth!  And how do they accomplish such a feat?  With cute characters who are integrated in to games that  start with simple phonics and word recognition and then become more complex with paragraph and story building.  Before you know it your child has learned basic core skills, like word order for writing, without realizing it!  Plus there are built in incentives in to their online gaming structure and feedback for parents. Lots of brain power in this online site!

Now here are some features that set   GoGoKABONGO   apart from other sites.  I love that they have a great parent forum that helps to outline exactly the purpose and the goals of their program.  Also, they feature excellent supplemental downloads and games to continue learning offline.  (I particularly loved the Kiddie Yoga  and printable mazes for sensory and visual integration activities.)

Equally as wonderful was the selections for teachers.   Here they expand their offerings to provide more hands on classroom based activities.  This company has been well “schooled” in educational theory and implementation!

Now these next comments are for special educators who are always searching for psycho-educational recommendations for Individualized Educational Plans (IEPs). At times it is a challenge to find classroom and home strategies that work with struggling readers. GoGoKABONGO is a fun way to get a child to improve visual memory, motor-planning and sequential /simultaneous skill development without risking negative reactions from the students. Planning teams can easily integrate GoGoKABONGO in to an IEP  when language arts or reading goals need to be attained at an elementary level.

Now here comes the warning… adults may want to play, too!

Try their free trial  (a $10 value).  Also, check out their beta site for older kids – SKATEKIDS

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  1. This is a fantastic review. Thank you, Louise! Your attention to detail is terrific and knowing how busy you are right now, we appreciate that you dove in so deeply – to share these insights with your readers. Thank you!

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