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◊  Today I was lucky to have interviewed on radio Danette Linicomn from The Liniocomn Agency.  She hails from Dallas and represents all ages and sizes. We really clicked!  She shared some sage advice which should be considered essential by any parent who has a child interested in the acting profession.  I  am happy to share it with you and also some great resource links below.

Here are some great suggestions:

1- Be careful for what you pay for.  The classes sound great, the commercials sound promising, but no one can guarantee that your child will make it in “show biz”- no one.

2- Be prepared.  Having a child actor is work for the whole family.  It also can be expensive and time consuming. Headshots, resume services and acting classes all cost money.  And when you are with your child at an audition or on the set, chances are your work productivity is compromised, too.  So, be aware and be prepared.

3- Danette recommends that only franchised and registered Talent Agents represent your child.  If they are not licensed or in franchised then it is possible that they are a “scam” or worse.  Be an educated and cautious consumer.

4- Education is important, including for working actors. Although many working actors are schooled on sets or within their homes. This is a personal choice.         

5- Actors come in all sizes and shapes.  Danette indicated that many casting directors now want “real people” which is why she has a REEL  department in her agency. (Submissions welcome )

6- Deaf actors and those who are fluent signers are sought after, as well. Danette will be joining forces with an LA agency that specializes with representing talent who have unique language abilities or special needs. (Addison Witt  Talent Agency)

7- Voiceover talent can make a living, however, this is a crowded field and many don’t  last long in this niche market.

Here are some excellent resources for parents of working actors to peruse and become informed.



 Note: The children in the photo above are all working actors who have been American Sign Language (ASL) models in video and print for my company SIGNING FAMILIES™   .  They are NOT represented by the the Linicomn Agency .   However, they do  show that acting kids come in all sizes and shapes!    

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