What If We Paid Teachers Like Reality TV “Stars”?

Imagine how the world would be if teachers were paid on the levels of trending models, reality TV show performers, or athletes! How every time a teacher walked up and down the classroom sparks of adoration would happen with whispers of encouragement from the students.

Now, of course, this may seem absurd. Even as I am writing this blog I am rethinking if this could EVEN be possible. But, I have written about the non-glamorous, but the valiant career of teaching before and will continue to write on this subject after this article is completed. No surprise to readers of this blog that I am passionate about giving recognition and thanks to the scores of teachers who work tirelessly on behalf of our children.

Before 2020, there were legions of people who thought that teaching was one of the “easiest” jobs one could have. After all, isn’t the job of educators to only work a few hours daily, and then they just “rinse and repeat”? Plus, there were the ongoing assumptions that summer break was indeed that – time off without any need to prepare, take coursework for continued certifications, and etc. Newsflash – good teachers never stop wanting to improve their skills to help their students.

It took a pandemic to change many minds about the “art of teaching”. Newfound respect was formed about the real work involved with teaching our kids. So many “Ah-Hah moments” happened when parents were thrust into dual roles. It was tough. But, with every difficult lesson comes an increased level of understanding and insight. I hope that one of the lessons learned was that teachers are not paid commensurate with their true worth. They should be revered like our “supermodels” and “elite athletes”!

Yes, this is a huge shift in our collective psyche. And, probably wouldn’t even be a consideration if it weren’t for the Covid 19 pandemic. I simply ask that you please allow this blogger to dream of a world where this is possible.

For many who are reading this article, you have assumed the role of teacher this year as a pandemic brought virtual or hybrid education to your home front. I commend you for your efforts and I bet you were much more successful than you believed. And, for the teachers who made the best of a horrific situation – kudos as you the true “reality STARS”!

Thank you for reading. Respectful comments always welcome below.

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Learn Online with Cudoo

There are positives and negatives to every situation. Such is the case of being “stuck” in quarantine due to COVID-19. The negatives is the lack of being with loved ones, friends and in public places. The positive is discovering new ways to keep the mind active. CUDOO is a very big positive.

CUDOO is a user-friendly online learning system with a wide variety of course topics. From foreign languages, accounting, social media and even engineering – you can expand your knowledge base with very little financial cost outlay.

After communicating with the company, who asked me to “test drive” their product, I decided to take advantage of looking at their version of American Sign Language instruction. I opted for the BUNDLE and started my way through the various lessons.

First Impressions

The dashboard and menus are very easy to negotiate. I appreciated that there was considerable content, but not too wordy or boring, about the nuances of sign language. Terminology used was common and very basic – perfect for beginners.

Clear examples are offered with each vocabulary word – both as an illustration and as a video. And, there are quizzes at the end to help with comprehension. I purposefully missed a couple and was sent back to “relearn” before moving on or getting my certificate.

Let’s chat about the certificate! It is an excellent feature as having proof of completion of a course that allows a student to add to their resume, bring to a current employer as proof of skill development and initiative or just have bragging rights!

See for yourselves!

Sometimes photos and video is a much better “explainer” than words, especially when it comes to sign language. So, I created this video to help you see the program “in action”.

There are a few things that I would recommend for this online American Sign Language course. My top request would be for additional learning levels to address more advanced ASL concepts and vocabulary. Also, games would be a fun addition or suggestions for creating games for hands on learning!

START LEARNING WITH CUDOO! A Special product link has been set up for my readers: https://dealspotr.com/getcode/Y9ezz The Product Code: LOUISESATTLER

Cudoos is priced very reasonably for individuals and families. The ASL bundle that I reviewed has a price tag of $49. As a reviewer, my disclaimer is that I received a complimentary subscription. However the opinions expressed here are 100% of my own and without input from the company.

To learn more about CUDOO go here: Cudoo.com



When my children were young I use to sign them up for many different interactive and educational camps.  I recall waiting on a long line to get a “slot” for the AMERICAN GIRL doll camp being offered through our local parks and recreation center.  From sports to creative art camps my kids sampled them all.  Most of the time they were fun and no complaints were heard.

It is because I think learning at any age should be FUN and INTERACTIVE that I am offering this summer via my company SIGNING FAMILIES  an online LIVE sign language “camp”.  This will be for kids and their families to learn the basics of sign language as an “online summer camp program”.


The online camp dates now available are the week of June 17th or the week of June 24th. If there is great interest then  more online camp dates will be added.

The camp will be for one online hour per day for five consecutive days. It will be group instruction. Time TBD but most likely 1pmET, 11am PT


All you would need to do is have the ability for video chat online.  We will most likely use SKYPE or a comparable system such as GOOGLE HANGOUT.


The class will have up to 9 students involved which will make for great conversation and practice.  Each student also will have an extra 60 minutes during the week for one on one questions and practice.


In addition, each person who signs up will get our  SIGNING FAMILIES ASL FOLDER, ASL POSTER and one DVD from our catalog (either Baby, Toddler and Preschool Sign Language  or Sign Language for Emergency Situations).


 * Basic greetings in ASL

* People an common places

* School words

* Alphabet and numbers

* Basic animals, transportation and action words


The total cost for the online camp AND the materials mentioned above is $79 ( EARLY BIRD special $69 if signed up by May 1, 2013)


If you are interested in learning more about the camp or to sign up as an EARLY BIRD.. please comment below or connect via the FACEBOOK post, too.   


Once confirmed that you are signing up for a camp session you will be invoiced via PayPal.

 A non-refundable down payment of $25 reserves your spot. Down payment must be received within one week of signing up.  Payment in full will be required by June 1, 2013.  



Yes, I offer 30 minute SKYPE sign language lessons or tutoring.  The rates are $20 per session.  No materials are included in this price.  Adults and children may request individual sessions.  I also welcome families with children who have special learning challenges and need adaptive sign language.

We are sorry that this offer is for US residents only.