Hello. Now Go AWAY!!

I am writing this the week of my induction in to “warrior” camp.  This is a very special, by invitation only  camp.  I was invited unexpectedly and didn’t really want to accept the invite. I hate camping.  And, I was way too overbooked with my own personal agenda to feel the need to indulge within this group.  Then I learned from the courier that declining the invite was not a choice.  “Cancer never is”, he says.

Now before you all go in to panic mode know this… I have been diagnosed with a VERY curable form of thyroid cancer.  Doctors have told me this seemingly comforting phrase, “If you have to get cancer, this is the one to get”.  Thanks, I think.  Yes, I will have surgery.  Yes, the scar will be ugly.  Yes, I have employed the best doctors in the country to help me thanks to Johns Hopkins Hospital.  And Yes, I have been collecting a rather big basket full of scarves.  And if all goes well I will be back in the office tweeting, blogging and packing for MacWorld within ten days or so of my trip to my surgery.  Cancer will be gone. Easy shmeezy.


In addition, I have gone through the regular host of emotions you read and hear about-  shock, pissed, denial, pissed again, saddness, followed by a major bout of being pissed off and then finally acceptance that my insurance carrier will again- know my name by heart. (Note to self, buy new pen for tons of paperwork to be completed soon.)  My biggest fear is that people will start referring to me as Louise.. the one with cancer. If you plan on doing that- STOP!  Such references and definitions were the number one reason why I almost decided not to write a blog at all.  Also, don’t be mad at me because I didn’t have time to call each and every person I know to tell personally.  I wish I could.  Now I hope you will understand.

You see, I originally wasn’t going to tell anyone.  I really had this funny thought of just waking up one day and asking hubby to drive me in to Baltimore and drop me off for two days for a “spa treatment” at JHH.  Then I decided that was foolish.  He was bound to figure it out.  Then I wasn’t going to tell anyone who didn’t NEED to know.  But, what kind of educator would I be if I did that.  Here was a golden opportunity to enlighten and educate others.  Doesn’t everyone want to talk thyroid cancer?  So, if you do, start here: http://www.thyca.org

As for me, please don’t get all hyper on me.  I am ADHD enough for all of us.  Simply know that thyroid cancer has increased multi-fold in the past few years, especially among women.  I had ZERO signs.  No cough.  No bumps.  Nothing.  Mine was found incidental to another procedure I had.  Also, know that it is very curable.  And that if a lymph node or two are involved that does not mean you are incurable.  It simply happens more often than not with this kind of cancer and again, can be cured.  Know that TC runs in families and if you have had exposure to radiation.  Ask your doctor to check your thyroid and by all means be vigilant about other self- tests too, like for breast, colon or prostate cancer.

And if you want to do something for me.. simply take care of you.  Then when all of this is over we will have a cyber -party.  And thanks in advance to those who encouraged me to share this story.  They know who they are.  I expect them to be the first ones to chill the wine.

Thanks for reading.


16 thoughts on “Hello. Now Go AWAY!!

  1. Oh shit! I’m sorry you have to deal with this unwelcome, trying news and I’m sure you’ve got a support team reaching “from here to there” (count me in) so all I can say is, l’m pissed, too, and can’t wait til you share the good news (after surgery) and a great, big, giant sized THANK YOU FOR SHARING hug.

  2. Louise.. the one with courage and favor,

    I will keep you in my thoughts. My late daughter’s mantra was “I am a strong girl. I am a powerful girl. I can get through anything.” Feel free to take the phrase and tuck it in your pocket for your journey.

    Since you’ve already got expectations on who should be chilling the wine, how about if I chill the Absolut for our cyber party when you return?

    My thoughts go with you, Louise.

  3. Louise, I was upset to hear this. You see we’ve had to deal w/cancer affecting too many people that we care about. I wrote a post 2 years ago called Cancer is a Thief http://bit.ly/gxUrJs .

    We’ve lost good people to cancer; even so, we’ve had family/friends who are able to thumb their noses at cancer because they’ve overcome. It is imperative that we all come together to fight cancer in any way that we can. Donate, support research, create awareness, become a caregiver or just be there to support someone.

    I have a suggestion. I know that you teach sign language; maybe you could tell us how to sign “cancer go back to the pits of hell from which you came”. Because I fully expect that you will be an individual who will overcome and fight cancer with a vengeance- A warrior extraordinaire!

  4. Wine? Super-sized for this occasion.

    I think I’m going to do a blog of my own, “When Cancer Met Its Match”…I have a visual of you with sword, shield and “sign” that sends Cancer running back where it came from. We’re not gonna take this! No way, no how! It’s time for the showdown, Ms. Louise.

    Prayer warriors surround you as you prepare for battle…we’ll all be there in spirit…from every corner of social media…taking up the fight and cheering in unison once word is received that the Cancer is obliterated…gone…vaporized.

    You will emerge jubilant…radiant…and well-scarved…and we’ll all take up the glad shout…YOU WON! YOU WON! YOU WON!

    Hugs, my friend.

  5. I think that the “sign” piece is a crucial element. It occurs to me that Cancer is very oppositional and perhaps hard of hearing…the “signs” that you will use to defend yourself are a main element, I like to think!

    Hmmmm….there is one universal sign that Cancer is deserving of. Well, maybe it is more of a gesture than a “sign”. Can you guess? Now, usually, I wouldn’t even think of such a thing, but when it comes to Cancer, we aren’t gonna play…we’re coming out fighting.

    Your CANCER WARRIOR GODDESSES will surround you in the operating room. Gather strength to add to your own. Your attitude is AMAZING!

  6. Gob smacked is what I feel! I was totally moved by your candid approach to this mess. Thinking positive and looking for the silver lining is the way to go. And knowing you – you went through all of those emotions and stages in record time. Marc is a wonderful support system so take advantage! you are in our prayers as typical and always. Love you!

  7. Louise! Well, as anyone who knows you would predict, you seem to have an amazing attitude about this less-than-sparkly surprise news. We are in your corner cheering and sending all of our best thoughts and wishes. I am counting the days until I see you at Mac World and am so excited to get to share a celebratory glass of wine with you when you’re on the other side of this adventure. Please let us know if there’s anything we can do to help.

    With lots of love, Kat (and the entire Education.com team)

  8. Thanks everyone for your kind words! Now please go and educate others about the silent beast- thyroid cancer.

    Gotta run… picking out my “home from the hospital scarf” to pack!

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