What a Difference A Year Can Make


San Juan Capistrano, California 2009

Dear Friends,

I took this serene picture a year ago from a bluff close by to the beaches of San Juan Capistrano, California.  This is a place that is near and dear to my family.  It is truly for us “peace on earth”.  Imagine how saddened we were to discover this week that this very area fell victim, once more, to raging mudslides and floods.  We watched the TV in horror as cars were up to their roofs with mud only a few minutes from where this photo was snapped.

In many ways the year has been  for so many akin to this story.  2010 started off nice and quiet but has ended with a frenzy or in grief.  My wish for all who read this blog is that 2011 is filled only with joy, loads of laughter , the best of health and prosperity. May we all be kinder, gentler and charitable to each other. May we all find the peace we are searching for.

Happy Holidays and Shalom,


This blog will resume in 2011.