“I AM a Cancer Warrior Goddess!”

” I AM a cancer warrior goddess”, I declared as they wheeled me in to surgery to remove my unwanted thyroid cancer this past week.  “You are a what?” laughed the anestheologist junior doc.  And those were the last words I remember saying out loud for the next eight hours.  Little did I know that while getting a nice and uninterrupted sleep, I was indeed going in to battle.

Now I can bore you with all the blood, guts and gruesome details of my week at Johns Hopkins Hospital.  Or I can just give a short blog about dos and don’ts when you are faced with a hospital stay.  I prefer the latter.

So, here they are….

1. Pack hubby a snack to take.  My amazing hubby, Marc, went mealess as he thought I was the short surgery, but ended up being the long one.  Poor guy ate butterscotch krimpets for dinner.  Shame on me.  Really- should have brown bagged it for him.

2. Don’t forget phone rechargers for when you do a lot of chatting pre- during and post surgery.  Again, this was more for hubby and I who loves the phone should have put a recharger in a bag for him, next to his lunch.

3.  Insist on fashionable hospital gowns and cute socks.  Need I say more.

4. Have your hair braided before surgery if it is long.  If not, you risk looking like the bride of  Frankenstein. I apologize to all who needed to hang out with me this week.  Not my cutest hours.

5. Pack mints and comfort items from home.  I loaded my iphone with podcasts and a book on tape.  Really helped to block out the night noises that could make you insane.

6. When you can wash up, get dressed and walk, walk, and walk some more.

7. Never leave home without your sense of humor.

I close with a public thank you to the countless number of people who connected with me.  And more importantly took a few minutes out of their day to read about thyroid cancer from http://www.thyca.org.  Also, to the medical specialists from Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore a very heartfelt thank you.  I know I was a challenge- it is not everyday you operate on a cancer warrior goddess.

Thanks again, all.  Back to rest in front of the TV  I go…..


7 thoughts on ““I AM a Cancer Warrior Goddess!”

  1. My friend, so glad you are the WARRIOR that you are. Speedy healing vibes of wellness rushing your way.

    PS…What is a butterscotch krimpet? Candy? Cookie? Crumpet?

    I’ll not sleep until I know!

    Much love!

  2. Those are all great tips Louise. Bless your husband’s heart for sticking close by and hanging in there without benefit of real food, for the duration of the surgery. Continued blessings to you during your recovery!

  3. Your optimistic spirit and humor are inspiring. Hope you are doing well and that all is okay. Thinking of you.

  4. Glad everything went well, Louise, and you are home and in your own bed again. Enjoy that TV watching time! Soon enough…back to work 😉

  5. Louise – saw your post on facebook. I hope the surgery went well, and I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Take care and heal soon!

  6. Love the post – your humor is inspiring! The humor path can only help! And thanks for the updates – we are thinking of you!

  7. Louise,

    You are Amazing, as usual! In the midst of all the serious issues you make me laugh….you, your hubby, and your humor rock!

    I thought about you several times last week, wishing you the best.

    You are doing great getting the word out on thyroid cancer!

    As you may recall my sharing with you, during one of our walks to the parking lot, my husband had robotic surgery to remove his prostate. He shared information on prostate cancer and surgery with several co-workers. Even years later, many said it was helpful for them and family members; they will always be connected, as are all cancer survivors and their supportive families.

    I apologize for not giving you a heads-up on snacks for your hubby and hospital fashion…. After knee surgery, my husband looked quite drained, which in part must have been from the snack machine options,and,yes, the hospital gowns definitely need a glamor upgrade and definitely replacement of missing ties,hmmm…..Hopkins could be a leader in the Gown Department, with enough feedback from the patients…

    Our thoughts will be with you during your recovery period. Take care of yourself.


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