EU AMO ROSETTA STONE! Yes, you too can learn to say I LOVE ROSETTA STONE in Portuguese and many more languages simply by learning through the use of this wonderful immersion program.  Now anyone who knows me will attest that I am a language afficianado.  And I am not talking “menu lingo” either!

I first discovered Rosetta Stone shortly after visiting the real “rosetta stone” in England.  The concept of learning language by using a multi-modal method interested me.  As a psychologist, I know that languages are best learned when the student can “live” the language.  Words and phrases come alive when a person experiences the language up close and personal. Rosetta Stone, which in my opinion is the platinum standard program for language acquisition, painstakingly has prepared a program that is visual, audio, oral and interactive. Proof in point- my 18 year old son, Seth.  He hated language classes throughout his middle school and high school career.  However, when he opened the Rosetta Stone- Portuguese Totale program- we was fascinated and engaged! Within minutes he was walking around with my laptop repeating words and phrases. He also worked through the steps for hours.  I never saw Seth work HOURS on any language exercise, let alone voluntarily!

Rosetta Stone has been part of military training, homeschool instruction and public education for many years! If you are looking for an educational and FUN gift this holiday season I would suggest Rosetta Stone.  And if you REALLY want to “hit it out of the park” this holiday consider throwing in some airfare to another country to REALLY practice your new language skill.  (¡ Me encanta España!)

Here is my interview with Duane Sider, Director of Language Development, for Rosetta Stone.  Learn and Laugh along with us!

Listen and watch the video here from VIMEO:   1 7457430


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