Great Women Bloggers- Part 3: Britt Michaelian, Lisa Callsen, Shara Lawrence-Weiss, and Wendy Young

WOW- the response to my Great Women Bloggers series has been overwhelming!  Either that or we have had exceptionally slow news days in “Cyberville”.  This next set of bloggers is an eclectic crew!  Yet, all have one goal in common- they help others- enormously!

First meet Britt Michaelian.

She is a dynamo life coach!  Smart. Driven. An independent thinker. Funny and really groovy!  ( Again, for new readers this is my ultimate praise.)  I love Britt and her common sense approach to helping you to figure out what is important in life and what is “garbage” and needs to be “deleted”.  She is the working mom’s dream coach.  She helps a woman weight the pros and cons.  Her videos, blogs and newsletters are great tools for every mom!  You can discover Britt’s wisdom here:

Follow here on Twitter as @MamaBritt

Check out her video.  You’ll love every minute of it! And in the words of Britt-  Work Smart.  Live Smarter!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Lisa Callsen, aka CODA DIVA

Lisa is a new friend. I met her through our mutual connection- Keith Wann.  I’m so glad he introduced the two of us.  She too is soooo groovy!  First, Lisa was raised in a home with deaf parents who used sign language.  That makes her a CODA- CHILD OF DEAF ADULTS.  I love getting to know CODAs!  Their life experiences fascinate me and in some regard remind me of being raised in a home where multiple languages were heard.  Love it!  Lisa also is an advocate for literacy.  And when she is not busy being mom to three boys she tours the country as a motivational speaker AND an entertainer.  She is FUNNY!!

Check out Lisa in action here and then visit her on Twitter -@CodaDiva or her website:

Also, if you want to see Lisa and my Video/ASL/VOICED interview for my program- Louise Sattler Educast– WHERE LEARNING MEETS LAUGHTER– go here:

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Shara Lawrence-Weiss –  The Queen of Mom Networking (and the first human clone I have met)

Why do I call Shara the first human clone I have met?  Well, simply there has to be more than one of her!  She is the force behind a multitude of websites, helps her husband, Rick with his amazing business- Design Media Pros, started with him a new business- Pine Media and is raising THREE KIDS!  In addition, her story of triumph over tragedy is compelling.  I am an official member of the Shara/ fan club!  She is a brilliant business woman!  Genius!  She can take  a mom owned business and have their SEO and branding soar.  Recently, she has started to conduct publicity for rising talents such as, Abrielle Mullins.   I have listed her websites below- peruse each one as they are all different.

The funny thing about Shara is that she is not anyone I would find myself being BFF with on ordinary circumstances.  She lives in Arizona far away from civilization in a small town – where “everyone knows your name”.  I live outside of two major cities and my neighborhood is larger than her town!  However, despite our differences we are great friends, partners with various learning materials (I CAN COUNT TO TEN IN ASL, ENGLISH and SPANISH book) and support for each other.  Oddly enough we have never met in person but she is often the first person I call when I need something  accomplished- fast!

Lastly, I knew that Shara and I would be great friends for life when I asked her to start something called the TWITTER CHARITY HATS. It is a long story which involves Shara’s love for changing her Twitter Avatar (picture).  She always would wear some silly hat in the photo.  Finally, I suggested that if she insisted on wearing “fashion” on her head, she might as well do so for charity.  She agreed.  And once again, Shara spun gold from “nothing”.  Her Twitter Charity Hats campaign has a waiting list of companies who wants to have their logo placed on her Twitter avatar.  In addition, worthy charities have benefited from this weekly ritual.  Gotta love a gal from Pine who spins gold!

Listen to my interview with Shara here

Now go join the Shara fan club and check her out here:

Twitter:  @MommyPerks


Her websites:

Mommy Perks –  Make sure to join to take advantage of amazing savings.

Early Childhood News and Resources

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


I truly believe that Wendy and I may be “sisters”.  Really!  We are way too like-minded not to be related.  She loves coffee, sports, girl-chat and shopping!  She considers traveling three hours just “do lunch” – not a problem.  We love all the same places and put family first.  And we are both addicted to the FLIP CAMERA!  Moreover, we bounce so many ideas off of each other – it is insane.  She also writes what is on the mind of sooo  many parents.

Wendy is a gem.  She is the “go-to” person if you have serious problems with your child.  Her “bag of magic” includes helping kids through the toughest of times- DIVORCE, MOVING, BULLYING, GRIEF and SCHOOL FAILURE.  She knows kids!  I adore her.  And yes, she like the three mentioned above is groovy!!

If you have not already discovered Kidlutions then you must.  This website is full of articles which will help you be a better parent.  Also, help your child understand they are not alone.  She also reviews and gives her seal of approval to many products which help with social-emotional development for children.  The Kidlutions Preferred Product Award is coveted by many and offered to few.

If you are a school looking for a dynamic speaker about helping kids negotiate through life with real plans and real solutions- then look no further!  Wendy is your “go-to” person.  I know- because she is mine!  And by the way, much to my disappointment- we discovered that we are NOT related.  Darn!

Connect with Wendy on Twitter as @Kidlutions



3 thoughts on “Great Women Bloggers- Part 3: Britt Michaelian, Lisa Callsen, Shara Lawrence-Weiss, and Wendy Young

  1. Thank you for the post, Louise. I really appreciate the kind words. It’s funny to see myself described as a “brilliant business woman.” A business owner is the LAST thing I thought I’d ever be; yet here I am…7 sites under my belt with more to come. Thanks for believing in me!!

  2. Thanks Louise! What an honor to be not only featured, but to have such kind and supportive words spoken. Thank you. You are truly amazing and such an inspiration yourself.

    It has been such a blessing to be connected with you through business and this is exactly the reason that I love the work that I do- because of the many fabulous women I get to meet! Look at all of these amazing women that you have profiled! We are all so blessed.

  3. Louise,

    I, too, am honored to be included in your list as a “Great Woman Blogger”…and it makes me chuckle in a way, because I soooo dragged my feet to even start a blog. I’m still not a “pro-blogger” by any stretch of the imagination, but it has definitely been a fun and wild ride.

    Thanks for including me in such an esteemed list of accomplished women. I’m so lucky to have met you through the magic of twitter…via Shara Lawrnece Weiss, whom I think has pretty much connected all of twitter, if I am not mistaken.

    I am proud to call you friend…and love your wit, humor and most of all compassion and kindness. I’d be happy to be your sister any day…as long as it’s over coffee!

    Keep shining bright!

    Wendy @Kidlutions =)

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