Welcome to LouiseSattler.com

Well, it was bound to happen!  It was only a matter of time until I needed to create a website that encompassed the many different “hats” I wear.  So bring on the fanfare and welcome to LouiseSattler.com!   Please join me on this site for all my up to date information regarding speaking engagements, interviews for HerInsight, connections to many great resources and more!

And of course.. there will be VIDEO!  (This one is voiced first and then signed… enjoy!)

One thought on “Welcome to LouiseSattler.com

  1. WOW ! A lot of good stuff! Diverse but interesting topics.

    Using the web to connect and get folks from different backgrounds connected, so we can listen to or discuss serious topics, with humor, is cutting edge stuff for me, but I’m listening and learning

    Even though the ASL class is finishing up, you continue to challenge us, offering everyone that logs into your sites opportunities to learn in the virtual reality world of websites. I’ll keep logging in to find out what’s being discussed.

    Kathy B.

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