Yes, Virginia- Sane People do Shop BLACK FRIDAY!!

If you are following this blog then you know then that our family and friends have celebrated quite a bit of “festivus” this week.  We had not one but two Thanksgiving dinners, immediately (and I mean pronto) followed by Chanukah.  Within hours of cleaning the Thanksgiving meal and opening the early Chanukah exchange of gifts was the commencement of Black Friday!

Why did we subject our entire family to Black Friday?  What did we need so desperately that we drove in darkness to stores late at night?  The answer is simply- TRADITION!!   Yep, we hit the roads a little before midnight to go to WALMART in order to partake in midnight madness.  Small appliances, a must have for every new apartment owner, was at the top of my daughter’s list.  Toy Story 3 and the Little Pet Shop super set both were on sale AND on the list of our adopted holiday family.  An awesome three piece set of JEEP luggage was a steal at $30.  Not on the list, but I rationalized the need for this item all the way to the cash register.

We arrived home with six full bags and toting my new wheelie luggage around 1:30 a.m. only to catch a few winks and be back up and at STAPLES by 8 a.m.  Again, coffee and donuts were at my favorite little Black Friday store and so were ALL the computer tech geekie stuff we were looking for.  My fave pick here- a wonderful digital picture frame and a wireless router.   STAPLES hands down received the “most prepared” award.  The store was thoughtfully set up so that ALL the highlighted advertised items were easily accessible.  And of course, did I mention there was coffee!?

And when all was said and done the biggest gift I received was a night filled of family togetherness and laughter.  The total bill amount was not much compared to all the warm fuzzies I felt.. which were priceless.  I hope if you are reading this blog that you too have had a holiday season filled with good cheer and lots of “warm fuzzies”.

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Yes, Virginia- Sane People do Shop BLACK FRIDAY!!

  1. I think that if done well and right, this could be a great thing for everyone. But I also think all can agree it’s not for everyone, either. There are definitely some great bargains out there, though! My wife and I shopped online today and got a GREAT deal on a new computer. We can’t wait for it get here in a couple of weeks. Happy-happy all your holidays. It sounds like you have a whole bunch of great, fun traditions.

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